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Black Sabbath returns with Christian Dilemma

Black Sabbath back in the day. Photo from

Heavy metal fans rejoice with the return of the legendary band Black Sabbath. The iconic band has released their first single “God is Dead?” from their upcoming album 13, set for release June 10. This will be the first album released by Sabbath since 1995 and will feature three of the original band members: Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass and of course the human devil himself, Ozzy Osbourne, with vocals. Continue reading Black Sabbath returns with Christian Dilemma

“Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

To anyone who has read one of my previous articles, you know how much of a Sam Raimi fanboy I am. On April 5, the remake of the 1981 cult classic “Evil Dead” was released and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This comparison may have some slight spoilers, but nothing so detrimental that it will ruin the film. Continue reading “Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

Radcentric: Writer/director Jake Wood

This week on Radcentric, writer/director Jake Wood comes on the show to discuss his involvement with “Making a Scene: A Night of One Acts.” As discussed in the last episode of the podcast, the one acts are being performed May 1-4. Jake is directing the dramedy “Sunday Night” by Julian Sheppard in the festival. The play is about a newly wedded couple that begin to go through immediate regrets about their decision to be married. The play has plenty of adult content and extremely likable characters.

Along with directing his first stage play, Jake also has a youtube channel where he uploads short films and other various videos. His most recent video is a short film titled “Until We Get it Right.” It focuses on a couple trapped in an endless cycle of replaying the same breakup until they, you guessed it, get it right. Continue reading Radcentric: Writer/director Jake Wood

Radcentric: James Bristow: Actor, director, theatre connoisseur

James Bristow comes onto Radcentric to talk about some of his upcoming shows. Bristow is directing a one act called “Present Tense” as part of the directing two class’s students’ show “Making a Scene: An Evening of One Acts” which is set to go up May 1-4. There are seven shows that are broken up into two sections across the four day span. He is also acting in the main stage production of “Major Barbara”, April 18-21, where he acts with an insane cockney accent. And yes, he does give a taste of what that will sound like.Radcentric Continue reading Radcentric: James Bristow: Actor, director, theatre connoisseur

A goodbye love letter to yoga pants

Dear yoga pants,
Goodbye and thank you my dear friend. You will surely be missed. As the winter comes to an end I often fear I’ll never see you in your glory again. These past few months have made life a joy for everyone. Both men and women loved you. I’ll always remember the good times, like the time you walked by me and I stared. Or that other time you walked by me and I stared. Or that time when you walked by me and I super stared. The memories will forever replay in my mind. Continue reading A goodbye love letter to yoga pants

Academy Awards recap

The Academy Awards came and went. No movie really swept this year but I can say, “I told you so.” “Argo” won best picture even after all the critics claimed “Lincoln” was going to sweep this year. Not only did “Lincoln” not sweep but it wasn’t able to win best director as many (including myself) wrongly predicted. Best director went to Ang Lee for “Life of Pi,” which led this year with four Oscar wins. Continue reading Academy Awards recap

Another good comedian, another bad room

Comedian Ronnie Jordan came to perform on Feb. 19. He was able to please the majority of the crowd as he started the show by opening with a little jig and enjoyable observational humor, as well as self-deprecating humor aimed at his weight. As the show went on though he lost some momentum.

If only he got to perform in Preston. Image from Creative Commons.

This is no fault of his own because, yet again, he was placed on the Bonnie (Hurlburt Student Center) stage. As I stated in my previous article on Rob O’Reilly, comedy just doesn’t work well in forced settings like that. It’s too noisy of an area and it’s very difficult for people to pay attention when they are more focused on their food. Continue reading Another good comedian, another bad room

Radcentric: Ryan Waide’s magic show


Magician Ryan Waide comes on the show to talk about his magic prowess. Now although he wouldn’t call himself a professional magician, Waide has performed for many benefits (getting paid I might add) and has a wonderful extension of knowledge about his craft. A very funny interview that you should give a listen. Continue reading Radcentric: Ryan Waide’s magic show

Radcentric: The Borealis Adventure Co.

Today Radcentric is visited by The Borealis Adventure Co. This indie folk band consists of Travis Atwell (vocals, guitar, mandolin and harmonica), Carolyn Weaver (vocals and percussion), Seth Ratliff (vocals, banjo, guitar and mandolin) and Ryan Meadows (bass). They talk about their influences and their own personal connection with music in general. They were also kind enough to play a couple of their songs.

borealis soundcloud
Give them a listen! Image from SoundCloud.

There were some technical difficulties, namely embedding the darn thing into to this page, but it’s all here and you won’t be disappointed. Give it a listen and be introduced to some amazing talent.

Be sure to like The Borealis Adventure Co. on their Facebook page and download some of their songs for free from Soundcloud.

Valentine’s Day movie recommendations

Valentine’s Day is here and — as always — expectations are high. Watching a movie for a date may seem cliché but it’s cliché for a reason; it works. Yes these movies set unrealistic standards for what love is, but that’s what makes them so great. To dream, hope and be entertained. So grab your special someone, curl up and get lost in some of the greatest date movies that will make this Hallmark holiday a little extra special. Continue reading Valentine’s Day movie recommendations

Academy Awards: What is the best picture?

It’s that time again, where the best movies voted on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences duke it out to be named 2012’s Best Picture. The Academy Awards has a history of choosing movies that are heavy on the artsy side and make the average moviegoer want to buy a ticket to “Transformers: Rise of the Explosions Exploding on the Dark Side of the Explosions Part II.” However, this year four of the nine nominated movies grossed over $100 million and another film just under that mark. The good news is that cinematic art is becoming more appealing to all demographics. The bad news is only one can win. So, here are my reviews and predictions for the 85th Best Picture nominees. Continue reading Academy Awards: What is the best picture?

Snowball fight

The field was buried in a white hue. One by one the soldiers, bundled in their puffy jackets and mismatched wool gloves, stared at their ammunition busily crafting more. Their faces flushed from the cold; they paid no attention to their breath as it stayed suspended in the air. Clouds covered the sun and painted our skin grey. I looked around at our army. Everyone was so young. Some of us weren’t even six yet. Others barely in the double digits. Many people will try and glorify this war, but I assure you, there is nothing more horrifying than a snowball fight. Continue reading Snowball fight

Cisco Adler: Summer in music

Cisco Adler’s new album Aloha was released Oct. 22. It is an extension of his EP of the same name released back in July earlier this year. Some may be familiar with Adler from  MTV’s “Cribs” with rapper Shwayze, who produces a majority of Adler’s music. Besides some EPs, this marks Adler’s first LP. The album consists of hip-hop beats mixed with feel-good Californian riffs, reggae groove and catchy hooks. Continue reading Cisco Adler: Summer in music

Rob O’Reilly: Good show, bad room

Comedian Rob O’Reilly was able to grace our campus and perform an hour of comedy. His act was very funny, but unfortunately went unappreciated due to the circumstances. Sadly, he was placed inside the Bonnie stage. It’s not the worst place for comedy, but it has to be done in a specific way. Because people are constantly going in and out of the Bonnie, there is a lot of background noise that is hard to overcome. Also, there are people that sit around the stage that are not there for comedy night. I’m referring to the girl who was on her laptop and her friends who were texting the whole time. No comedian can do well in that setting. Stand-up comedy truly only works in situations where people can actually pay attention. Who would guess? If the organizers really want the Bonnie to be the place to perform (which is understandable seeing how smaller names will get a smaller crowd) then set up performances after the Bonnie closes. Other than that, get a better venue for them. Continue reading Rob O’Reilly: Good show, bad room

The best of Netflix horror

Oh, the horror! The horror! And how great it is. Of all the genres in Netflix, the horror section is truly the most impressive. Sure in other areas Netflix provides major blockbuster hits like “Iron Man” and “Super 8,” but the horror section gives notice to some of those independent gems that may have been missed by the average moviegoer. Continue reading The best of Netflix horror