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From our perspective: The importance of goals

The definition of a goal is a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. We at Whim believe goals are important to achieve any aspirations one might have in life.

Take all of us RU students for example. Why are we in college? A lot of us probably share the same goals of graduating, getting a degree and then becoming a contributing citizen of society. Whether we realize it or not, we are all on a journey to achieving our long-term goals. Continue reading From our perspective: The importance of goals

Death to the death penalty

Two weeks ago, The Tartan published a pro-death penalty article in their “Insights” section, penned by an author who chose to remain anonymous. The article is mostly rambling and filler words, but I think I’ve distilled the writer’s argument into a form that makes its flaws more apparent. The author believes that the death penalty is morally justifiable, beneficial to society, and impervious to error. Unfortunately, those points are all invalid. Continue reading Death to the death penalty

Hip-hop: A dying culture

What is hip-hop? To different people, it can mean a wide variety of things, from rap music to graffiti. Princeton Wordnet calls it “an urban youth culture associated with rap music and the fashions of African-American residents of the inner city,” while a hip-hop advocacy website calls it “the constantly evolving spirit and consciousness of urban youth that keeps recreating itself in a never-ending cycle.” Continue reading Hip-hop: A dying culture

You should write for me

Here at Whim, I have a very simple job. Every week, I have to filter through a mountain of opinion articles, and choose the best five to be published for the week. I get to give five lucky Radford University-affiliated individuals the opportunity to broadcast their opinions to our readers. I get paid for this, but there’s a catch. It’s incredibly uncommon for five separate writers to submit articles in one week. When that happens, I have to write the rest of those articles. Continue reading You should write for me

At least we’re not North Korea (yet)

North Korea is like the youngest sibling in the world family. It’s not big or strong enough to beat up anyone else, but it knows how to throw a tantrum, and it loves attention. While North Korea continues to push out news effectively threatening to commit suicide by cop, sometimes the rest of the world can’t help but point and laugh about its other silly nuances.

In a recent example, many Internet communities revolving around marijuana have discovered its legal status in the country. A Youtube video entitled “High Times in the DPRK” explains the plant’s widespread use in the area. Given North Korea’s bizarre and often hilarious tendencies, you can’t help but think of this as satire, but it’s true. The country doesn’t even consider the plant to be a drug. Continue reading At least we’re not North Korea (yet)

Staying safe on college campuses

Emergency phone located in the Governors Quad. Photo by Steve Furtado.

Early morning, Sept. 15, while most of us were either partying or sleeping, one of our own was attacked. It occurred around 3:38 a.m. near Dalton hall. The suspect — a young, average built white man with brown hair, sideburns and a hook shaped forearm tattoo — walked up to an anonymous female Highlander. Striking up conversation, he asked for a cigarette. Shortly after, he “solicited a sexual act” from her, and responded with anger upon her refusal, hitting her before running off into the night. Continue reading Staying safe on college campuses