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We’ve all been there: The last minute

If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done. This is a phrase that many college students reluctantly live by. Procrastinating is never a favorable quality, but certainly the ability to complete assignments by their due date in a limited amount of time should be considered a skill. Continue reading We’ve all been there: The last minute

What to love about pets

We’ve all heard the expression “dog is man’s best friend.” Anyone who owns a dog knows that they are loyal, passionate, fun-loving creatures. Dogs aren’t the only pets that are renowned for the love and compassion they provide. Cats, gerbils, hamsters, birds and even snakes are capable of creating meaning in your life and teaching you more than you may think.

Faith Williams with her pet Gerbil, Dixie. Photo by Kat Provost.

Several health studies indicate that a pet’s love can reduce tension and improve your mood. Continue reading What to love about pets

The impact of music

Perhaps no other art form throughout recent history has had a bigger impact on the world than music. Music is virtually everywhere. It’s on the radio, played in grocery stores, retail stores, and many other types of businesses. It’s in television commercials, appears on TV shows, and is played at many different festivals and group events.

Concerts are amazing. I’d recommend going! Photo from Creative Commons.

It’s hard to deny the impact music has had on society. Continue reading The impact of music

Best places to hike

A great way to get the most out of your free time when you’re strapped for cash is to go hiking.

Aside from the gas you have to spend to get to a trail, hiking is completely free! Virginia is well equipped with various trails you can enjoy independently or with friends. In fact, three quarters of the Appalachian Trail is located in Virginia. The following is a list of great nearby hikes you can enjoy. Continue reading Best places to hike

Why sports are important

Throughout the semester, we are being mentally tested so often we sometimes forget about our physical health. It’s important to remember that exercise is critical to our overall well-being and health. Exercise has been shown to improve stamina, prevent disease, enhance flexibility, control body weight, develop muscles, and improve the quality of your life.

So what are some ways you can incorporate exercise into your life and have fun while doing it? Continue reading Why sports are important

The art of cooking spaghetti

If you’re like many college students, you probably don’t know a lot about cooking. It may be a stereotype that college students subsist on ramen noodles, but it’s often true.

Yum, Spaghetti! Image from Creative Commons.
Yum, Spaghetti! Image from Creative Commons.

If you need a dish you can cook with relatively little cooking experience, spaghetti is right for you.
Spaghetti is enjoyed worldwide and is an extremely popular Italian dish. Spaghetti can be prepared with or without meat and thus is consumed by vegetarians and carnivores alike. Not only is spaghetti easy to prepare but it usually produces many servings and can be stored and refrigerated for later. Continue reading The art of cooking spaghetti

Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

When the former president of the American Marketing Association resigned, the organization desperately needed someone to step up to the plate. That’s when RU junior Geena McDaniel decided this was a perfect opportunity for her to take control as the new president of the organization. Continue reading Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

Highlanders Anonymous is back!

Have any questions you’re embarrassed about or make you feel uncomfortable when you ask aloud? Are you having relationship problems? Do you have any pent up sexual anxiety that you want to get off your chest but are too shy to voice aloud?

What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.
What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.

You’re in luck. The Whim staff is pleased to announce Highlanders Anonymous is back and will begin this week, under the Life section.

Highlanders Anonymous is a place where Radford University students can turn with all of their unanswered questions. Continue reading Highlanders Anonymous is back!

What to know when you attend a career fair

Whether you’re about to graduate or you’re just a freshman discovering college, you can always benefit from attending career fairs. Representatives from companies attend these fairs offering internship positions as well as full time employment opportunities.

If you never explore you’ll never know what’s out there. Photo from Creative Commons.

Here are some things to keep in mind when attending a career fair. Continue reading What to know when you attend a career fair

How to deal with stress

Deep breathing slows your heart rate and helps calm you down. Photo from Creative Commons.

You’ve got projects to work on and deadlines to make, upcoming tests that you need to study for, and not enough hours in the day to do what you need to do. Cram sessions and copious amounts of stress are inevitable. During the semester it’s easy to get bogged down with the heavy load of coursework along with the other demands that we all have, such as jobs, family and friends. So how can you manage your stress without having a meltdown? Continue reading How to deal with stress

Interviewing 101

You’ve polished up your resumé, applied for a job and now it’s time for the interview. It’s easy to let your nervousness overcome you. If it’s your first interview, you’re more than likely going to feel jittery.

First of all, it’s important to speak with confidence and maintain a clear and steady tone throughout the interview. Sit up as straight as you can and maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Remember to be unfailingly polite and professional and dress appropriately. It never hurts to address your interviewer(s) by sir or ma’am. Don’t appear overly confident but be as enthusiastic as possible. Show your passion for the job and company during the interview. Continue reading Interviewing 101

What to do on a snow day

During the winter months, many students start praying for a day off anytime there’s a chance for a wintry mix in the forecast. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have that big test you have coming up be postponed?

There’s more snow on the way! Photo from Creative Commons.

Everyone has mixed feelings about snow. Is it a blessing when classes are cancelled and you can sleep in? Perhaps you love venturing out to the nearest 7-11 during a snow storm and purchasing a cup of hot chocolate. Maybe you’re a commuter student and snow is a problem for you when they don’t cancel classes and you have to drive long distances in hazardous conditions.

However you feel about snow, you should try and enjoy the wintry fun next time you have the opportunity. So how exactly can you have fun in the snow? Continue reading What to do on a snow day

The health benefits of green tea

How many of us like to begin our day with a cup of coffee in the morning, but are growing tired of its bland taste? If you’re looking for something packed with better health benefits and a bit more zesty flavor, green tea may be for you. While some may cringe at its bitter, almost sour effect, we should consider the health benefits of green tea before counting it out. Continue reading The health benefits of green tea

Let’s all be more empathetic

As we progress further into the semester, deadlines and ongoing projects play a pivotal role in shaping our schedules for the upcoming weeks. Heavy coursework and part-time jobs can leave us with very little free time.

Campus life at Radford can be quite wild at times. Picture by Samantha Rorke.

Due to our busy and demanding lives, it’s easy to forget how important it is to stay connected with each other. Continue reading Let’s all be more empathetic