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Documentarian David Sutherland gives inside look at industry

Longtime filmmaker David Sutherland recently came to Radford University. He spoke to a directing and world cinema class, as well as at the COBE center reception. Sutherland has worked as a filmmaker for several decades. He obtained a degree in film making from University of South Carolina and has had a steady grip on the industry ever since. He mainly works on documentary films, although he refers to himself as a portraitist. Part of being a filmmaker requires Sutherland to serve as a writer, producer, director and editor. Continue reading Documentarian David Sutherland gives inside look at industry

“Kinky Boots” makes its Broadway debut

The incredible new Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” opened live on Broadway this week at The Al Hirschfeld Theatre. The musical is based off the 2005 comedy film of the same name. The film was written by Geoff Deane, who comes from the British pop band Modern Romance and Tim Firth, who, among other occupations, is a British screen and songwriter. The film was directed by BAFTA Award nominated British director Julian Jarrold. Unfortunately, the film was unable to find its target audience and only grossed $9,941,428 internationally. I viewed this film several years ago before there was any talk of adapting it into a stage musical, and I personally found it to be heart-warming. There was a great combination of over the top moments, mixed with heartfelt moments that truly resonated. Continue reading “Kinky Boots” makes its Broadway debut

Planning an Off-Broadway trip to NYC

As we all know, New York City is one of the most vibrant cities in the world when it comes to the arts. One of the biggest attributes to New York’s arts scene is its theatre scene, the bright lights of Broadway. When considering going to the city to see a show you might ask yourself, “What show should I go see?”

The New York City skyline. Graphic by Kate McHugh.
The New York City skyline. Graphic by Kate McHugh.

There are many factors to weigh in when deciding.
A key factor may be the cost of the show you are going to see, I’m going to give you a run down on all of the great Off-Broadway shows that the city has to offer. A great aspect about going to see an Off-Broadway show compared to a Broadway show is the variety you have to choose from. Broadway tends to aim itself more so towards big commercial hits as opposed to out of the box variety that Off-Broadway brings. Continue reading Planning an Off-Broadway trip to NYC

Smoking hot styles for spring

We are slowly but surely coming out of the blustering winter months and bursting into the warm and robust spring season. As any fashion conscious person should know, that means swapping the knee-high boots and fur jackets for more easy-going, skin-revealing attire. Seasons change, styles evolve and every year around this time we must look to the high fashion runways of New York, Paris, Milan and London for inspiration. Continue reading Smoking hot styles for spring

STOMP debuts at Radford University

This past Thursday, the critically-acclaimed theatre show STOMP came to Radford University. The show took the audience by storm; the audience spent almost the entire show cheering. The performance received a great turnout among faculty and students. The general consensus among the people I spoke with was that they absolutely enjoyed the event and would love to see it again. Continue reading STOMP debuts at Radford University

Is America ready to accept non-supermodel actresses?

McCarthy was in the recent movie, “Identity Thief.” Photo from Creative Commons.

In today’s fast-paced society we have become accustomed to seeing women in television and film that look as if they’re supermodels. Women such as Sofia Vergara, Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry are all models turned actresses. In the greater Western world, these women represent the most gorgeous women that the planet has to offer, but not everyone looks like them. Women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes, but unfortunately the entertainment industry isn’t as accepting of those who don’t have supermodel-like looks. Continue reading Is America ready to accept non-supermodel actresses?