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The Life of a College Dog

With the beautiful weather and abundance of homework, Iris loves Radford’s campus almost as much as any hiking trail. What dog doesn’t love a puppuccino and endless belly rubs?

Here, we see a pupper in its natural habitat.
Here, we see a pupper in its natural habitat.

Normally, I’d say let sleeping dogs lie. However, we’ve got an entire day planned. She’s secretly lazy though.

Look at her, dude.
Look at her, dude.

Peering majestically, in search for a treat nowhere in sight, Iris kinda likes it here.

Because who doesn't love a gorgeous day and a good novel?
Because who doesn’t love a gorgeous day and a good novel?

Starbucks is usually her hang-out spot. Sorry if she begs you for some food – she’s kind of a dog.

Watching us Zipline

After hours of reading, Iris hits the RU Able facility to watch us zipline and run around to her heart’s content.

She curls up beneath my piano, signaling a say well spent.
She curls up beneath my piano, signaling a day well spent.

A snoring puppy is always a success. Go team!

Wanna see more of Iris? Happy Birthday; here’s last week.

The Life of A College Dog

Iris, an Austrailian Shepherd/Catahoula Cur mix, just turned into a one-year-old pupper on January 25th, 2017. I adopted her at four weeks old. Since then, she has grown into a stunning, albeit sometimes vexing, addition to my family. Alongside her three kitten siblings, Iris is ready for anything. This is the journey of a college dog, week by week.

Iris lets me know she's ready to go.
Good morning!

Iris wakes me before the alarm, shoving her leash in my face, demanding to start the day. The screech of a whiny dog isn’t the most comforting thing to be woken up by, but it’s better than poop on the floor. Always stay positive!

Iris poses perfectly for a candid shot in front of Young Hall.
Iris poses perfectly for a shot in front of Young Hall.

Following her wait for mom, Iris goes for a walk around campus. The sun is shining, the breeze is careful, and Iris is feeling fresh. She runs around Moffett quad and then rests in front of Young Hall, which makes for a great candid shot.

Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ
Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ

If you don’t like barbecue, leave now. Iris doesn’t need that negativity in her life.

Iris's best friend accompanies us on our journey for quality BBQ.
Iris’s best friend accompanied us on our journey for quality BBQ.

After begging for a taste of our food, Iris and her BFF pose for a photo with a giant pig BBQ pit.

Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.
Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.

Fast forward past the disaster of having to tear her away from the smell of cooking food. We find ourselves at Falls Ridge nature preserve. I cannot stress to you the difficulties I faced while taking this photo. Picture yourself splashed by mud, almost trampled, and herded into the water to play. After running around for 20 minutes (no joke), she finally sat for a beautiful nature shot.

Falls Ridge features an 80-foot waterfall, varieties of plant and marine life, and great hammocking spots. So, you should visit. But wait, there’s more!

Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.
Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.

For the small price of one more minute of your day, you can see more cute pictures of my pupper!
Iris’s parents, being dumb college kids, forgot water and had to go to the gas station. We noticed Ellett Valley Nature Trail, secluded and small. Why the hell not, eh? Iris seemed to love the smells and environment.

BFF in hand, she's ready for dinner and a long nap.
BFF in hand, she’s ready for dinner and a long nap.

Perfect end to a perfect day. Let sleeping dogs lie!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

Spring in the Alumni Gardens

The below photos were taken by Radford’s own Patricia Forehand. Patricia collects a variety of plants and enjoys photography. Walking through the Alumni Gardens near McConnell library in the spring of 2016, Patricia noticed a variety of beautiful garden trees in bloom. She took the amazing following photos of the foliage around campus.

Muse Flowers


The Flowers

Still it sits, like a statue in the eyes of the world.

Waiting for what? It know not.

All that is left is the birds in the trees

and the flowers.


The flowers.


The path is empty, as usual.

The steps are gone, replaced by wind.

Whispering . . . whispering . . .

Rustling the rainbows of the trees.


The flowers.


Stone beneath, wood above,

open to the sky yet shielded.

Shielded from the light that wears the stone

That coats the colors of the forest.


The flowers.


Waiting for the light to fade;

the sun to drop forever more.

To take with it the colors of the world

and start anew with dawn thereafter.


The Watcher

Though the day plays on, the Watcher waits. In his shack of shattered timbers, the Watcher peers from the darkness over the hills and fields. No one knows what the Watcher sees, but only that his door opens at night. From within, the Watcher gazes, coal-black eyes in the darkness. From his door he steps, pale and lifeless, and waits.


The Classics

Though stained by the passage of time, nothing quite beats the classics.

This image in particular reminded me of a very popular video game franchise set in a post-nuclear wasteland, and the coloration that the photographer was able to capture was incredible. Everything from the gear-and-bolt logo the the piece as a whole captures the imagination and throws you into another world.


The Blossom

Like starlight from the ground grow high,

stolen from the dark night sky

shedding from their stately stems

a vision of eternity.


Bursting forth and full of life,

despite all hardships’ bitter strife,

gleaning from the sun high ‘bove,

a gentle bloom, serenity.


Clustered close, a flower’s breadth,

and carried high, from weightless depth.

Searching, straining, for the light,

a blossom’s sole proclivity.


The Box

Ever does the box sit staring,

holding what she wants the most.

Tempting souls with understanding—

fleeting knowledge, like a ghost.


Behind the keyhole, steeped in darkness,

lurking just beyond her sight,

the yellow box stays locked regardless;

ode to owner’s stubborn spite.


So there it stays, its contents hidden

from the world’s most watchful eyes.

Waiting for the un-forbidden

to wrest from it its precious prize.


The Trail

Before you stands the path laid bare, its way lightened by the setting sun, and framed by thinning, spindly pines. The smell of damp earth permeates every portion of the forest, with droplets from the recent rain falling every so often onto the leaves that litter the ground. Though unseen, you know you are close to home. You feel it. And so you walk on, each step making no noise as the trail winds to its conclusion.