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The Flowers

Still it sits, like a statue in the eyes of the world.

Waiting for what? It know not.

All that is left is the birds in the trees

and the flowers.


The flowers.


The path is empty, as usual.

The steps are gone, replaced by wind.

Whispering . . . whispering . . .

Rustling the rainbows of the trees.


The flowers.


Stone beneath, wood above,

open to the sky yet shielded.

Shielded from the light that wears the stone

That coats the colors of the forest.


The flowers.


Waiting for the light to fade;

the sun to drop forever more.

To take with it the colors of the world

and start anew with dawn thereafter.


The Classics

Though stained by the passage of time, nothing quite beats the classics.

This image in particular reminded me of a very popular video game franchise set in a post-nuclear wasteland, and the coloration that the photographer was able to capture was incredible. Everything from the gear-and-bolt logo the the piece as a whole captures the imagination and throws you into another world.


The Blossom

Like starlight from the ground grow high,

stolen from the dark night sky

shedding from their stately stems

a vision of eternity.


Bursting forth and full of life,

despite all hardships’ bitter strife,

gleaning from the sun high ‘bove,

a gentle bloom, serenity.


Clustered close, a flower’s breadth,

and carried high, from weightless depth.

Searching, straining, for the light,

a blossom’s sole proclivity.


The Box

Ever does the box sit staring,

holding what she wants the most.

Tempting souls with understanding—

fleeting knowledge, like a ghost.


Behind the keyhole, steeped in darkness,

lurking just beyond her sight,

the yellow box stays locked regardless;

ode to owner’s stubborn spite.


So there it stays, its contents hidden

from the world’s most watchful eyes.

Waiting for the un-forbidden

to wrest from it its precious prize.


The Trail

Before you stands the path laid bare, its way lightened by the setting sun, and framed by thinning, spindly pines. The smell of damp earth permeates every portion of the forest, with droplets from the recent rain falling every so often onto the leaves that litter the ground. Though unseen, you know you are close to home. You feel it. And so you walk on, each step making no noise as the trail winds to its conclusion.