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Microtransactions in NBA2K have gotten ridiculous

When you have to pay virtual coins just to get a haircut… a haircut in a game. Then we have a problem with a company that used to be revolutionary.

Virtual Concepts better known as 2K is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive.They used to be that high-risk company that released top video games at low prices, games like ESPN NFL 2K5 that nearly put Electronic Arts’ Madden series out of business.

These guys that were so popular are now criticized for every move they make with their NBA2K series and rightfully so with NBA2K18.

The game itself is one big advertisement that promotes everything from cereal, chips, soda, and shoes. You can’t even play MyCareer without running into your “best friend” B-Fresh eating Reese’s Puffs in your house.

Your "best friend" in NBA2K18; photo from
Your “best friend” in NBA2K18; photo from

The advertisements effect the online game modes as 2K won’t blur out the background billboards of the advertisements as that would mean they would lose money. The ads get so bad that you can’t even skip cutscenes this year on MyCareer just because you see a box of cereal.

That doesn’t begin to explain the amount of microtransactions in the game this year. Players are use to having microtransactions to upgrade their players and those who didn’t buy the coins would “grin” for them.

In order to get a decent amount of “VC”(the name for the currency in the game) you would have to spend $20 for 75,000 VC and that’s not the highest amount you can get. If you spend $100, you will get 450,000 VC.

Now, we have to buy our haircuts and tattoos on our virtual players with the fact that its even harder to grin for the in game currency (you earn 1,000 VC per NBA game played, it takes over 10,000 VC just to upgrade your player).

The amount you pay for this game (which is $60) is the main reason why microtransactions should NOT be in this game. It’s totally reasonable for an app to have microtransactions as their game is usually free and if not free, it’s between 99 cents and $3.

However, when you shell out $60 of your own money, you expect to be able to compete with everyone and have a goodtime. Now, 2K excepts you to buy the game with the same gameplay as the year’s pervious game, just with a few polished details.

The game has been out for over six weeks and due to online issues, patches to fix the game (some think 2K released a “beta’ but that’s another story) and SO MANY ADS… The game is just not fun anymore.

It’s a good thing Assassin’s Creed Origins and Fortnite are alternatives to 2K and at least they won’t be begging you to spend money on virtual currency.



The “Impossible” is Now Possible: Video Games in Real Life

Many people have had thoughts before like: “Man, if that weapon on Fallout or Metal Gear Solid was real, imagine the damage it would do.” Well, someone in the U.S. Government had the same thoughts as well.

Various weapons in the video game world like railguns and lasers have been in development for years and are used in some places, while the weapons like plasma are not in use yet. Here are some video game weapons that may  or may not be actually real.

Railgun Specs; photo from
Railgun Specs; photo from

Railguns: Actually, railguns have been in development for decades now, with the first patent in the U.S. issued in July 1922 as no. 1,421,435 to a French inventor by the name of Louis Octave Fauchon-Villeplee. However, his development didn’t go too far due to the lack of technology during his time. Nazi Germany in 1944 was looking into the first theoretically possible railgun. The guns were to be mounted with six batteries and would be able to launch twelve rounds per minute. Their plans were thwarted by the Allies in World War II. These plans were found after the war and believed to be “impossible” after studies found that each gun would need enough power to light up half of Chicago. It took until 1962 before an operational railgun was possible, but it was only a scientific study. Then in comes the world of video games, where games like Halo, Metal Gear Solid and Fallout introduced the railgun as a weapon of mass destruction. In recent years, railguns have been created. The U.S. Navy tested a railgun that fired a projectile at the speed of “Mach 7″ in the 2000’s. After the success of that railgun, the U.S. Navy is going to have a railgun in use for intercepting missiles in 2018. Now, that’s something video games couldn’t make up.

LaWS on the USS Ponce; photo from
LaWS on the USS Ponce; photo from

Lasers: Some of us have been to places where they have laser tag with the fake guns, but the U.S. Navy (man, why do these guys get all of the new weapons?) has an operational laser weapon in use since 2014 that blinds the enemy. The LaWS, as it is called, will not be in use for long however as the ship it is on, the USS Ponce, will be decommissioned in 2018. The lasers in video games like Mega Man are meant to cut people in half. No words, if the U.S. military is planning to make a weapon like that.

Plasma: In Fallout, a plasma gun means your demise if you’re ever shot with one in online gaming mode. Researchers at the University of Missouri actually were able to create a very weak but impressive plasma gun in 2013. This has opened the possibilities of energy and weapons dealing with plasma, something thought to be impossible.

Death Star from Star Wars: photo from
Death Star from Star Wars: photo from

Honorable Mention – Death Star: Yeah, this one is impossible, but in 2012, a petition started on the WeThePeople site asking the U.S. Government to build a Death Star from Star Wars. Once the petition reached 25,000 signatures, an official response from the White House was necessary. It turns out it would take 830,000 years to make enough steel and as for the cost: let’s just say, you would need to find a planet made out of diamonds.


Featured Image Photo from

EA Games: Past failures and present glitches

With the recent launching of Titanfall on PC and Xbox One, many gamers may not have been surprised that server errors disrupted the exciting new Entertainment Arts game. This resignation to expect laxness is the residual effect of  the enormous failure that was The Sims Online back in 2002 and Sim City Online just this past year, as well as many other trending server complaints registered with EA. Continue reading EA Games: Past failures and present glitches

Burial At Sea makes a splash

Bioshock is making a splash. Photo from

As most young gamers know, the most anticipated downloadable content package was recently released for the Bioshock series. The Burial At Sea expansion brought a sense of belonging back to the gamers it originally enchanted by setting the DLC in the underwater utopia, Rapture. Continue reading Burial At Sea makes a splash

I need Ghosts in my life

Infinity Ward is at it again with their Call of Duty franchise, this time with a whole new futuristic storyline. Call of Duty: Ghosts has sold one billion dollars worth of games within a 24 hour period, but there’s much hesitation about purchasing the game with the eighth-generation consoles on the horizon. The story line behind Ghosts revolves around the main character, Logan, who’s in the middle of an attack caused by an enemy called the Federation who hijacked a weapons satellite. Continue reading I need Ghosts in my life

Tech Talk: Next generation game titles

In this episode of Tech Talk, we’ll discuss the titles that’ll tempt your heart and make you want to purchase a new console.

A few cases for the new game. Image from VG24/7.
A few cases for the new game. Image from VG24/7.

The latest game from Infinity Ward is Call of Duty: Ghosts. Ghosts is expected to break almost all records and stats set by its predecessors. Continue reading Tech Talk: Next generation game titles

Pokémon X and Y: A fresh start

The Pokémon series has warmed the hearts of many gamers since the 90s. A percentage of our youth from 1998 on was spent attached to our Gameboys, trading off monsters called Pokémon kept in tiny spherical devices. The goal of the series was to catch and train these Pokémon, battle your way to the top of the Pokémon League and become a Pokémon Master (an elite Pokémon trainer). Continue reading Pokémon X and Y: A fresh start

The mayhem that is Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series follows the character of a street gang member in his quest to be the boss of the gang. For the fourth installment, the wackiness is multiplied tenfold. Your character, known as the Boss, is now the President. During your inauguration as the Boss, you get abducted by aliens. Your abductor, an alien named Zinyak, wants to conquer Steelport (the city where Saints Row takes place), the world and possibly the universe.

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GTA V: The game that delivers

Grand Theft Auto is an iconic in the video game industry. It practically set its own standard and it never disappoints. In fact, the game set a record for making a billion dollars in just three days. The most anticipated title of the year is here, and we got our hands dirty with it. Grand Theft Auto V is a staple for every gamer’s library.

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Games to play if you don’t have a modern gaming system

A lot of people who haven’t played video games before may wonder why gamers are so attached to them. So, I’ve compiled a list of games you should play to better understand gamer culture. Without further ado, here are four fantastic games you should play that don’t require a modern gaming system: Continue reading Games to play if you don’t have a modern gaming system

Mass Effect series review

Mass Effect is a futuristic third-person shooter game that follows the adventures of one heroic Marine (named John or Jane Shepard) and his/her battle against the Reapers that want to eliminate life in the galaxy, for unknown reasons.

The game is well-known and well-liked, especially among Bioware fans; but what sets it apart from other (and arguably better) games made by Bioware is its futuristic setting and the — dare I say it — presence of Shepard’s personality. Many Bioware games don’t give the player character a set personality, instead choosing to leave the personality setting up to the players, but this can lead to a player feeling distanced from their avatars, instead choosing to “bond” with the other characters instead. Continue reading Mass Effect series review

Little Inferno: a game to keep you warm

Hello, boys and girls. I know it’s cold outside, and it seems like it will never stop snowing, but don’t worry. The Tomorrow Corporation released Little Inferno to help you stay warm through these bitter winter storms. So sit back, relax, and burn all your toys to make a nice, warm fire. Continue reading Little Inferno: a game to keep you warm

LoZ Skyward Sword: New blood in an old classic

Released in November of 2011 on the Nintendo Wii, Skyward Sword is the latest installment in the Legend of Zelda video game series. The game breaks away from some the conventional game play of the Zelda series and introduces some new concepts while still staying true to the Zelda formula. Many of the concepts are a great leap within the Zelda franchise while others fall flat. Continue reading LoZ Skyward Sword: New blood in an old classic