Meet the staff


Arielle Retting
Junior majoring in Journalism.
Would like to work at a magazine someday, preferably TIME.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Deanna Perry

Managing Editor
Junior majoring in Journalism
After graduation I would love to have some sort of job writing or editing. I’m not really picky so long as it’s something I love.

Candace Cooper

Head Copy Editor
Senior Majoring in English
I would like to work anywhere that will hire me, preferably in Virginia.

Alex Morgan

Graphics Manager
Junior majoring in Art
In the future I plan to go to Graduate school.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Jenny Krashin

Photo Editor
Freshman majoring in Journalism and Political Science
Would like to be a photojournalist.

Marie Stovall

Arts Manager
Freshman majoring in Communications (Media Studies)
Hopes to work in the advertising business or as a web designer.

Anna Sacks

Life Manager
Junior majoring in English and Communications (with a concentration in Journalism)
Would like to write for a mainstream IN-PRINT magazine like Time, Rolling Stone or Cosmopolitan.

Annie Tull

Ritz Manager
Senior majoring in Dance and Journalism
After graduation I would like to work on a cruise ship, at a theme park, do freelance Journalism work, then move to New York to write and dance.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Matt Reed

Tech Manager
Junior majoring in Sociology
I want to be a lobbyist for a non-profit organization promoting net neutrality.

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

Toni Barnett

Vent Manager
Sophomore majoring in Media Studies (concentration in Journalism)
Would like to live in new York City.

Katie Wilk

Marketing Manager
Senior majoring in Journalism
I want to design print items for people, weddings, businesses, you name it. I love working with typography and making things look amazing. It’s what I do!

Rachel Turner

Copy Editor
Junior majoring in English
Would like to end up teaching in a high school or in graduate school.

Anastasia Marek

Copy Editor
Senior majoring in English with a concentration in Technical and Business Writing
Would like to find herself married with a job.

Roxanne Garofalo

Copy Editor
Junior majoring in English.