Fallout 3:The apocolypse has never been so fun

Photo from Creative Commons

Fallout 3 is the latest game in the Fallout franchise returning from a ten year break from the original series and the titles’ rights changing hands. Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where nations have unleashed their arsenal of nuclear weapons, turning the world into a wasteland. Players are introduced to the world of the vaults initially where your character spends the first part of his life before things go horribly wrong. With the release of Fallout: New Vegas looming soon, it was time this game got the look it deserved. Fallout is one of the most well known action rpg games out there.

Game Play

The game play for Fallout 3 is your standard fare for action rpgs. Though the game has a quirky humor all its own which bleeds through to all aspects of the game, this humor serves to soften some of the darker plot elements as the game takes the occasional twist for the worse.

The skill and statistic system for the game is straightforward. As the game starts, you begin as a baby. After your birth, the character’s father reads players a storybook titled You Are Special. As you flip through the pages in the book, they are really places where you allocate stat points which you have at that point. The stats are important for how they affect your skills; certain skills enable you to pick locks or use certain weapons better than most other people. There are also perks which can also influence game play providing different dialog options that may not normally appear, or giving you bonuses to the stats you have.

The vault-tech assisted targeting system (VATS) is a vital part of the game, allowing players to choose and pick where their character fires and see what the likelihood of them hitting the target is. VATS allows players to switch between enemy after enemy as long as players have enough ammunition to attack them all. VATS can get players out of tight situations as it pauses time allowing you to cycle through and pick off the enemies you have the highest probability of hitting.

Weapons and armor in Fallout 3 are interesting in that it degrades and breaks down as players use it. The more broken down and used an item is, the less effective it ultimately is. Vendors can repair weapons for a price, or if multiples of an item are had it can be cannibalized to repair the other weapon. Users also gain the ability to create their own weapons, allowing them to make weapons that typically have a greater advantage over weapons that are just found while wandering the waste. To make the weapons, players need the proper schematics, such as a work bench and the items required to make the weapon, but it is all worth the effort.

The Bad

There isn’t much to say about the negative aspects of Fallout 3. The game is a polished piece of work with the occasional odd bug here and there and some annoyance in the way the game explains skill usage. Beyond those few issues there really isn’t much to say about it.

The Good

The game is not set in what people would consider the most stunning of settings, but the graphics are solid and are a definite bonus to the game play. The vocals are good, well thought out and match the dialog and tone extremely well. The game skill perks are fun and just enough to keep players engaged when they w0uld sometimes rather be doing something other than the main story quest.

Final Thoughts

For those who haven’t picked up Fallout 3, it is a must get. With the newest game in the franchise just on the horizon there hasn’t been a better time to get into the world of Fallout.

Whim Rating: 4.5/5