iPad to hit Verizon shelves

Graphic by: Alex Morgan

Once more, the gears of the rumor mill were running as news of Apple allowing one of its devices onto the Verizon network begin to circulate. The rumor surrounded the Apple iPad. With this news though, more and more speculation is going into a possible Verizon iPhone release–something many technology news outlets have been expecting and reporting for some time.

Unlike the much anticipated, and to some extent at this point fabled, iPhone release for Verizon, the iPad rumors turned out to be true with an actual release date catching many in the technology world a bit off guard. The release date for the Verizon version of the iPad is Oct. 27. It was expected that the iPhone would be released for Verizon prior to the iPad. The reason for the delay in the eventual Verizon iPhone is its inability to connect to the Verizon network: a Verizon-specific phone was rumored to be in development, but there hasn’t been much evidence to support it.

Though many expect to see the iPhone on the Verizon network soon, those hopeful souls should take into account that the iPad does not actually interface with the Verizon network. Instead, to be able to access the Verizon network, users will have to have a MiFi device, allowing them to have local wifi for their device. MiFi is a service provided Verizon it is a small device that creates a mobile hotspot for up to five devices. This is not a hopeful sign for those Verizon users hoping to get their hands on a Verizon iPhone. Though many reports seem to indicate that a Verizon iPhone may be out as early as Jan. 11, there are still more questions than answers on that front.

The one person who truly benefits from this release of iPods on the Verizon network is Apple. With the sales of their tablet stalling out a bit in the past few months, this is certainly a bonus for them. It will open their tablet up to a brand new market which previously did not have the access to the device. The lack of integrated network access may scare some users away since, in the addition to the cost of the iPad, users will have to be willing to fork over some extra money, not only for the MiFi service, but the hardware that goes with it.

Along with the announcement of the Apple iPad making a jump to Verizon, there were rumors that Apple has already begun development on the second version of the popular tablet. The rumors were spurred by reports that a new smaller seven inch tablet was already in production with Apple to sit beside its larger and more costly brother. The seven inch iPad would cost much less while still having many of the bells and whistles that its larger brother enjoys. Apple fans will have to wait and see on this since there has been very little hard evidence and a lot of speculation.