Plants vs. Zombies

Screenshot from the PopCap game Plants vs. Zombies. Photo from Creative Commons.

Plants vs. Zombies is an addictive game for iPod touch and iPhone. The game is set up as a basic tower defense game. Players have to defend their homes from an onslaught of invading zombies seeking to devour the the brains of would be victims. Luckily enough there just happens to be an arsenal of plants at the disposal of our heroes that will protect them from the coming zombie invasion.

Game Play

Like any tower defense game, Zombies vs. Plants is simple to play. Users have to place plants in strategic locations to make use of their powers and try to fend off the invasion. Unlike most tower defense game types, the zombies are not restricted to a single path that they can take. The map is broken up into six sections that run parallel across the map. More than one zombie at a time can be in one of these lanes as they advance on the home of the victim to be, though typically early on they continue across rather predictably in sequence.

The real draw to Zombies vs. Plants is the massive number of defensive towers, or in this case the massive number of plants, that players can use. An example of said plants is the pea shooter. It shoots, well, peas at enemies inflicting damage upon them. Then there are the hot tamales; they burn enemy zombies. There are 48 different varieties of zombie killing plants. The number of plants and types are half the fun forcing players to make creative use of the limited number of seeds they can bring into battle to make certain they are prepared.

Along with the 48 different types of plants, there are also 26 different types of zombies. This makes plant selection vital as some zombies will be much more resistant to some attacks than others. This is what makes strategy for this game so very important; without it, what can be a fun and relaxing game can quickly become overwhelming.

The Good

The game is a fun, intense play, and has that unique ability that all tower defense games seem to have to draw players in and keep them intently focused until the very end. The game offers an awesome variety of content for what it is, which only serves to enhance the experience that players get. As the game goes, players are treated to mini-games and challenges to give a break from what could otherwise become very monotonous. The music gives a bit of a spooky feel and builds appropriately in intensity as more zombies march across the screen.

The Bad

It felt like the graphics could’ve been much better and even though the game got its origins in Flash, there is still room for improvement especially on the cross system versions of the game. Game play can seem a little too easy at times distracting from what is otherwise an extremely well built game.

Final Thoughts

For what it is, the game does an extremely good job of offering the most content for the least money. It becomes extremely difficult to put the game down once it has started and you become ever more entrapped in ending the invading zombies once and for all. The game is something that people should definitely pick up if they are looking for a fun and distracting way to kill time.

Whim Rating: 4.5/5