iMut8r photo app

An example of what iMut8r does. Photo from Creative Commons.

iMut8r is one of those unique apps that really takes advantage of and utilizes the built-in camera found in the new iPhone. This app allows users to recreate the images of their friends and families into strange monsters. The app is one of many image apps that has hit the app marketplace. Though the app is clearly meant to be a seasonal one, it appears to be an interesting addition to the app market.

iMut8r has a number of tools to aid in turning users’ friends and families into terrifying monsters. These tools work with a number of preset characters that users can pick from. This sets up the basic template so that creating their picture is easier. A couple of the characters that users can turn their friends and family into are ghouls and werewolves.

One of the most impressive tools on the app is the fade tool. This tool is extremely well designed for such a cheap and light little app. This tool allows users to blend the preset hair and colors to match more closely to the natural hair color of the actual person. This way the image created has a much more realistic appearance that one would not expect for a cheap little seasonal app. The only complaint many users have had with this feature is that not all the hair is fade enabled so users are forced to pick and choose.

For all the praise user feedback gives the app, there are a number of negatives as well. The first among many seems to be that once you save an image, some of the effects occasionally go away leaving a partially completed image. Another complaint is that some of the add on features for faces are tethered together preventing users from moving things like the nose or mouth independently from one another. Other complaints deal with the fact that there is no reset button or undo for images, so once you start working you need to have a fairly clear idea of what you intend to do with the app or be prepared to start all over.

Even with its flaws, iMut8r is among one of the most stunning image morphing apps out there considering its seasonal nature along with the obvious work that went into it. It does an extremely brilliant job of morphing and changing people into the character types that are selected while also giving users a great deal of freedom to change and edit things as they please. This is a must have Halloween app so get it before it expires from the app market place and for a dollar the app is a decent bargain.