“The Room” where almost everything happens

Photo from Creative Commons.

“The Room” is not a horror movie that is set in a single room. It is filled with terror, just not the kind you might expect. The movie starred the film’s writer and producer, Tommy Wiseau. With that sort of star power behind the film, you know it’s going to be good.

The movie focuses on a love triangle that develops throughout the film between Lisa (Juliette Danielle), Johnny (Wiseau) and Mark (Greg Sestero). The story is a winding tale of betrayal and deceit as Lisa and Mark start a torrid affair. The film is set in San Francisco and the title of the movie seems to play little role as the film takes place in multiple San Francisco locations, such Lisa and Johnny’s apartment, a flower shop, a coffee shop and the roof of the apartment complex where everyone apparently lives.

The plot unfolds through the daily lives of Johnny and Lisa. We quickly discover, during a conversation with her mother, that Lisa is losing interest in her fiancĂ©, Johnny, and her new love interest is Johnny’s best friend Mark. We are also introduced to the creepy and overly friendly neighbor kid, Denny, whose name changes to Danny a few times throughout the film. Denny does not play a significant role in the movie beyond being an additional character who idolizes Johnny.

Screenshot from "The Room." Photo from Creative Commons.

The story continues to unfold as Lisa slowly seduces Mark, to his continued confusion throughout the movie. Scenes where Lisa seduces mark tend to include a line asking Lisa what she is doing. Now, enter Johnny, who was up for a big promotion at the bank where he worked. He didn’t get his promotion, and to quote Johnny, “That son of a bitch told me that I would get it within three months.”

From that point on, the movie quickly spirals downward as Johnny discovers, through overhearing a conversation, that Lisa is cheating on him with Mark. He then concocts a plan to gain the evidence he needs to prove that she has been cheating on him. The film then transitions to its explosive conclusion.

Here are some lessons viewers may take from “The Room.” If you have breast cancer, you shouldn’t worry about it because your daughter doesn’t love her fiancĂ©. According to the film, you really shouldn’t worry about anything. If you want to break up with someone, you should get them drunk and then claim they hit you. If you have a gun held to your head, it’s about time someone ganged up on you. It is vital to have establishing shots every three minutes because the audience may forget where the movie is taking place. If a character says something will never happen in a movie, it probably will. You better get that promotion or she won’t love you anymore. The creepy kid next door is doing drugs. These are all valuable lessons I learned while watching “The Room.”

“The Room” has become a widespread cult classic not because it is a great film, but because it is possibly one of the worst movies ever made. Audiences everywhere have enjoyed midnight showings of the film where they mock the actors, the writing and most of all, Tommy Wiseau. “The Room” is a must-watch if for nothing more than its poor production and acting turned it into an unparalleled comedy.

Whim Rating of 4.5/5