Odd gifts from around the Internet

Tired of giving those close to you the same old thing? Well, the Internet has a solution for you. With just a few simple keystrokes, you can bring up some of the oddest and most creative gifts that won’t have your friends, family and other loved ones shunning you. While this is not a comprehensive list of all that is available from around the Internet, perhaps it will get your creative gift-buying juices going.

1. Grassy Lawn Charging Station

The Grassy Lawn Charging Station hides wires from view. Photo from ThinkGeek.com.

The Grassy Lawn Charging Station may be a bit deceptively named. The charging station is more like a charging stand. This neat little charging stand looks like a zen grass garden that provides an artificial grass resting place for your devices while they charge. The bottom of the pot has several ports for charging cables, so simply plug it in and it’s ready to go — providing inspired charging for someone on your holiday shopping list.

2. MindSet

Photo from neurosky.com.

The MindSet is the latest from NeuroSky, the company behind Mattel’s Mind Flex Game. MindSet is more than just a headset. It’s also an EEG machine allowing the recording of brain waves. The company boasts the headset can record medical grade brain wave data. Not only does it read brain waves, but also it comes with a game called NeuroBoy where players attempt to move objects on-screen with their brain. This is one of the more expensive items on this list of odd holiday presents.

3. USB Panda Head Speakers

Photo from USBGeek.com.

This gift is self explanatory. It’s a simple plug and play two speaker set in the shape of a panda. This particular gift might not be for everyone, but it is an example of some of the odd things that can be found with a little inspiration.

4. Mushroom Growing Kits

Photo from computergear.com.

It’s science you can eat. These two particular kits are offered by Computergear. These kits allow those with a distinct love or interest in mushrooms to grow them at home. These kits give growers an option between Portabella Mushrooms and Button Mushrooms, the two types of mushrooms most commonly used for cooking. These kits are some of the more interesting and unique growable gifts out there.

5. Sizzling Bacon Candles

Fill your home with the scent of fresh cooked Bacon. Photo from ThinkGeek.com.

Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon cooking? Well, besides vegetarians. These candles are the perfect addition to any traditional holiday candle gift set. What better way to show you care than with a candle laced with the scent of cooking bacon? For the bacon-centric out there, it may be the perfect gift.

These examples of the odd and extreme gifts out there on the Internet have only been a few of the many. There is no way an article could ever encompass the odd variety of items out there to be found, bought and shared with those close to you this holiday season.