Battlefield 3 return to the frontlines

Dice brings back its popular franchise Battlefield with its third installment of the game. The series is known for it expansive multiplayer maps and enthralling campaigns. Battlefield 3 attempts to follow the high standard of previous games.

Battlefield 3. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.


Battlefield 3 returns with Dice’s Frostbite 2 engine, which allows players to reach a level of destructiveness never imagined before. Frostbite 2 allows players to level their surroundings, turning cover into weapons as they collapse buildings on enemies. The engine also creates stunning graphics that truly allow players to become immersed in gameplay as they make their way through the campaign or massive multiplayer maps. All of this works toward giving players an amazingly diverse gameplay experience.

Multiplayer in all the Battlefield games plays an important role to the player experience; Battlefield 3 is no exception. There are seven different multiplayer game modes: conquest, conquest assault, team death match, squad death match, rush and co-op. Conquest and conquest

Battlefield 3 gameplay screenshot. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

assault are both capture-the-flag styles of gameplay, where users must capture flags from opposing teams; once all flags are under one team’s control or all respawns for one team are used up, the game ends. Death match is a standard team-versus-team race to eliminate the other team and all their respawn “tickets.” Rush has two teams: one set to defend “M-Com” stations, while another is trying to set explosive charges and destroy the stations. All these game modes are played on large maps allowing players to plan together as they attempt to attack or defend their objectives in large scale combat.

Another major key component of what makes up Battlefield 3 multiplayer combat are the vehicles available to users. These vehicles range from tanks, personnel carriers, helicopters and even jets. Each vehicle allows players to challenge gameplay in different ways, finding strategies and styles that work for them.

The Good

Amazing graphics, stunning large-scale multiplayer combat and fun customizable weapons are just part of what makes Battlefield 3 a fun, complex game. The fun of screaming through the skies in a jet as you attack enemies below knowing there is little they can do to stop you is an added bonus to the truly fun and enjoyable multiplayer gameplay that defines the game.

The Bad

The campaign lacks the rich complexity of the multiplayer feature; it comes off as flat and fairly generic when compared to what it could have been. There is still the occasional bug and hiccup in multiplayer, like the occasional gun barrel poking through the wall betraying player’s positions in multiplayer or tanks getting stuck on invisible walls.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who has played the previous installments of Battlefield, the game is a nice return for the series known for its multiplayer and in-depth storyline. While the storyline for campaign mode may have been lacking, the multiplayer more than makes up for it. This game is a must for anyone who is an avid fan of massive multiplayer battles.

Whim Rating 4.5/5