Missing ’90s fashion

Today, we have advanced technology, touch screen phones, a vast amount of music and new fashion trends weekly. I was born in 1992, and all of these things were completely different. The fashion trends and ideas have morphed into a somewhat fake look that most people want to achieve to have a good social status.

Pictures from blog.denimtherapy.com and bloggers.com

Today we wear glitter pumps and dresses that are revealing areas that shouldn’t be shown. The great fashions in the early ’90s consisted of simple articles of clothing such as overalls and babydoll dresses. The fashion between the early ’90s and today is completely different.

I think today’s clothing choices and “what’s hot” are highly degrading and inappropriate. The fashion in the ’90s was a much more appropriate and suitable fashion era.

In the book Fashion: An Introduction, Joanne Finkelstein says, “fashion is a new way of speaking the body, and freeing it from silence.”

This sentence was shown through a good amount of fashion in the early ’90s. Back then, women and men modeled a more relaxed fashion with their own little pizazz. It seems to me that they weren’t trying to impress anyone or trying to fit in with a certain crowd. They always looked happy and comfortable in the clothing they wore, whether it was a one-piece bathing suit or a loose babydoll dress with white sneakers.

Another thing that makes me think that the ’90s fashion was a lot more influential and better for the people than today’s fashion is that they had advertisements in magazines for things that are important in the world. One ad, for example, shown in Fashions of a Decade: The 1990s, is an ad with the trendy shoes of the ’90s saying that “by the time you finish reading this magazine AIDS will have emptied all of these.” Talking about AIDS is one of the many problems we have around the world, and today they aren’t paid attention to or addressed like they should be.

Today’s fashion has many pros and cons to it, and the cons aren’t seen as much as they should be. We follow what the hottest women and men are wearing down the red carpet, or even to an airport or the gym. What they are wearing is very risky and not appropriate for all ages that are following the trends. They’re often overpriced, and sometimes break or tear easily.

John Hind once said, “Things have become looser, and fashion and fashion photography have begun to focus on reality, seeing people as you would find them.”

This is what should be said today, and not just focusing on the materialistic parts of fashion and life in general. We should see people in what they want to wear, not what others are wearing. We see babies dressed in Gucci and Prada, but when I was born I was wearing onesies and clothes from the Baby Gap or Target. I think brand names are too upscale and valued too much in today’s society. Spending too much money on clothes and expensive jewelry and shoes seems futile when you could be using that money toward something more important such as a charity or college.

Comparing and contrasting the early ’90s and today taught me a lot about what was important in the fashion world back then and today. We might have fancy clothes and expensive accessories, but are they comfortable and showing the true you? The way my parents and other young adults were dressed the year I was born and the years before and after seemed so much more enjoyable and real. I enjoy the early ’90s fashion trends and wish they were still popular today.