The Flyboard launches users through the sky and the water

Franky Zapata is a world class Jet Ski competitor. He also happens to have created a device that allows users to rocket 30 feet above the water and do complex flips just above the water’s surface.

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The company that produces it calls it a Flyboard. The device itself is not a board-bot, but more like a set of jet boots and hand stabilizers. It is composed of a Jet Ski engine, a hose that attaches the engines’ output to a pair of jet boots and a pair of hand stabilizers, making it look like an Iron Man suit. Once users have mastered the basics of the Flyboard, they are able to hover 30 feet above the water and, to some extent, fly above the water’s surface.

While flying above the water is an impressive feature of this device, what makes it truly awesome is what it lets you do in the water. Flyboard allows its users to do anything a dolphin can do, only better and faster.

While the device is an impressive advancement in recreational water gear, it costs quite a bit. The Flyboard comes with a $6,441 price tag, so it looks like it will be a while before the public will get their hands on it. It also seems unlikely that rental places would be willing to pick up the Flyboard to rent out like Jet Skis for the casual vacationers.

The Flyboard is an impressive innovation based on existing technologies. Such innovation is important in ensuring that products do not become stale. While this may take a while before it becomes a mainstream product, it is one that could potentially have a large untapped market waiting for it.

Check out the Flyboard in action below.