“The Grey”: An awesome movie for guys

Looking for a good way to escape the daily routine and craziness? Why not go see a movie? And guys, I recommend no other movie right now than “The Grey.”

Sorry girls, but you might want to sit this one out.

This isn’t your everyday action movie. What I love about “The Grey” is that it had an original plot. It wasn’t something I’d seen before, and I’ve seen a lot of movies, so on that alone, I was already intrigued. I find that it’s not often a unique, original story comes out and does well in theaters. Like I was saying, this wasn’t just your average action flick. In fact, I would be more inclined to put it in the suspense, thriller-type genre, but it had just enough action and relatable characters to get you involved and jumping out of your seat at many instances.

Photo from flicksandbits.com.

In this new film for Liam Neeson, he knocks it out of the park, even more so than in “Taken” (the 2008 blockbuster hit a few summers ago). This time around, Neeson plays a super-serious, wise sniper, John Ottway, who protects a group of thugs, low-lifes and cons on a base in the middle-of-nowhere, Alaska. Shortly into the film, Ottway and a motley crew of misfits board a small private transfer flight. A few hours into the flight, all hell breaks loose as the treacherous storms of wintery Alaska buffet the plane and take them down. Only Ottway and a handful of lucky men survive the crash.

The plot thickens, the characters develop and the story gets good from here. Soon you find out that they had landed somewhere in a pack of wolves’ hunting territory. According to Ottway, if you’re anywhere near their den, you become their primary enemy. These wolves, overly territorial beasts, will stop at nothing to eliminate anything that poses a potential threat. So what does Ottway do? Opposing a few of his fellow travelers’ advice, he takes charge of the group, having the most knowledge of wolves, and decides to find cover and start walking.

They face the challenge of locating food, the need to constantly stay warm with fires, and having to fend for themselves in a blistering cold, riddled with ravenous wolves that want to hunt them down. The closer to the wolves’ den, the worse-off they would become. So, Ottway and the group try their best, overcoming dangerous obstacles, and not stopping after several deaths of their comrades, in order to get as far away from the wolves and their dens as possible. The only other bad thing is they have no idea where the den is.

For excitement, suspense, action, drama, peril and mild romantic elements, I’d have to give “The Grey” four out of five stars for sheer moviegoing awesomeness.