Socializing Little Monsters

Lady Gaga undoubtedly makes the best use of social media websites. With over 19 million followers on Twitter, she far outstrips the following of any other celebrity of the micro-blogging website. It should come as no surprise that this social media expert would form a website of her own, one specifically designed for her fans.

Are you the next little monster? Graphic from

The website is known as Little Monsters, a website she had devoted to her fan following. Little Monsters is currently in closed invitation and only beta users can sign up, but there is no guarantee that they will get into the beta before the site goes live.

From all early reports from those in the beta, the website seems to be a mixture between Pinterest and Facebook. All early indications show that Little Monsters will allow users to tag their location and items they like. The site also encourages users to share videos, pictures and content they like.

This website is set up by Backplane, which focuses on developing online social networks. One of the company’s founders is also Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter. The startup is using Lady Gaga’s already strong and existing social media following to test what may become a common concept.

Backplane has also announced that when other similar sites become available they intend to allow users to switch back and forth between websites at a whim, creating a mobile but constant user group that can move among sites as they please.

While Lady Gaga has a massive following on a number of sites, the concept of a social networking website devoted entirely to a star is still a shaky one. Whether or not users will feel the need to jump to this new social networking website could make or break the concept of social networking websites centered around an individual’s fans. If successful, the website would ensure many other similar sites will appear as stars search for a better way to contact their followers in more direct and influential ways.

Whether it fails or succeeds, this website has already begun to accomplish one thing — it’s allowing Lady Gaga’s fans to become interconnected in a way never before seen. This website entirely devoted to them allows them to connect with others who are Lady Gaga fans and share that interest in an unbound sort of idolistic fandom.