iPad 3 potential announcement date

Rumors and speculation abound as many experts believe that the new iPad will be revealed this March. Many expect Apple to announce the launch in Hannover, Germany, at the renowned CeBit conference.

Unveiling the new iPad 3. Graphic by Caitlin Lewis.

This release date makes sense for a company that tends to release a “new” version of an existing product every year. Early March would be about one year from the announcement of the iPad 2. This appears to be Apple’s model for releasing products, and it would be hard to believe that they would pass up the opportunity to continue their product development if they have something ready to hit shelves.

There are plenty of rumors about what might be included on the iPad 3. One of the biggest rumors surrounds the display for the iPad; many are expecting the iPad 3 to have a retina display. This would improve the picture quality of the iPad, making it standard in comparison to other similar tablet devices.

The camera on the iPad 3 is expected to be much better. One of the biggest complaints users have with the iPad 2 is that the camera lacks decent resolution. The iPad 2 camera has been a point of contention with users from the start, so an improved camera seems almost a given with a newer generation of the tablet.

Some of the speculation around the iPad 3 is whether or not it will have Siri on board. The voice controlled assistant would be possible with the hardware on the iPad 3, but the app’s restriction requiring 3G to work may limit the likelihood of it being present. Perhaps Apple will make a version of Siri just for iPad 3. Users can always hope.

There may be some hope for a Siri iPad app. Recent reports are claiming that the iPad 3 may come with on-board 4G for those willing to pay for it. Not only would this give the iPad 3 more than enough connection strength to host a Siri-like app, but it would also be a big step up from the iPad 2’s 3G, allowing users to do much more with their tablet devices than they ever could before.

The processor of the new iPad is the greatest mystery. Some sources claim it will be a quad-cored device while others say it is going to be dual-cored. Whether it is quad-or dual-cored, the process should be an improvement.

A new tablet would be the best way for Apple to defeat its competition. By showing a new innovative tablet, Apple could effectively silence its competition until their next generation of tablets comes out. While the rumors build about the predicted announcement, what users and Apple both should get out of all of this is an idea of what the public expects. It seems the media and the public alike will just have to wait and see if Apple will announce their new tablet in March.