Mountain Lion on the prowl

Apple has unveiled their new OS X. This latest update is entitled Mountain Lion. It will be a while before the public can get their hands on the OS X, as the update currently is a limited release to Apple developers.

Will this Mountain Lion prowl through your computer? Photo from

While the release of Mountain Lion has been limited, it is enough to give people an idea of what they should come to expect from the new OS. The new OS, at its core, is more focused on the cloud and encourages users to connect all of their devices through the cloud. The new OS clearly draws inspiration from the success of the iPad. The track pad now has multi-touch gestures similar to those found on the iOS for iPad. There is also a launchpad that is similar to the iPad’s home screen.

Bouncing icons, which were a signature of Mac OS X, have been tossed to the side in favor of notifications. Notifications alert users on banners that appear on the right side of the screen, just out of the way preventing them from becoming a distraction. iChat in the latest update is going to be replaced with iMessenger, which will allow users to continue to message people as before with iChat, but there are hints it may have the added feature of allowing users to send text messages for free to those with iPhones.

The new OS X also plans to integrate what they are calling share-sheets that will allow users, across apps on OS X, to share information and photos. The most noticeable integration will allow users to take a picture in Photobooth and tweet it directly to Twitter. This is perfect for users who are integrated with social media, allowing them the freedom to share constantly. The share-sheets will also allow users to share videos and photos via Flicker and Vimeo.

This latest installment of OS X is a big step for an OS that, for the most part, has seen very few changes since OS X came out. These new changes, while borrowing from the mobile platform, will certainly add some life to an OS that was missing some of the flair that made it such a big-name product in the past.