Fallen: Don’t be fooled by its cover

I — along with many other girls, I’m sure — was fooled by this cover as I oohed and ahhed over its mysterious beauty and dark allure. I really, really wanted to like this book, mainly because of this fantastic cover. However, several things bothered me to the point where I just wanted to tear the cover off and chuck the rest of it.

First of all, the writing is around a third-grade reading level. This is so not a children’s book, yet I felt like I was sitting on a carpet, partially listening to the teacher read from a picture book and watching the kid beside me pick his nose.

Photo from booksmostwanted.blogspot.com.

Secondly, the ‘attraction’ and ‘love’ between the lead female and male characters is absolutely ridiculous. There’s no character development! It’s like “Twilight” version 2.0. The guy, Daniel, has no life, no lasting imprint on me, and it seems like the female counterpart, Luce, doesn’t even care. There’s nothing special about Daniel, other than apparently looking like an Abercrombie and Fitch model and repeatedly expressing his hate for Luce. She wasn’t really all that special either, aside from some good grades and gothic biker boots. Their relationship made no sense to me. One minute he’s flipping her off and ditching class just so he didn’t have to see her, and the next he’s giving her “the eyes” and snarling at other boys when they get too close. I got whiplash from their so-called romance.

Thirdly, I love angel mythology. I have read many books about angels and their origins, and myths revolving around their lives. When incorporating it into a fictional book, angel mythology is easily adaptable and is a great way to bring more creativity to your story. This book failed. Hard. Every loose end imaginable was left flapping in the wind. NOTHING was fully explained. This irked me to no end. I mean, I’m sure the author, Lauren Kate, did some sort of research to implement into her book, but it’s what you do with the research that really makes the book awesome. Clearly she left hers sitting on the breakfast table with her big girl writing style.

All things considered, this book entertained me … ok, that’s a lie. I was so disappointed I cried and used the pages to wipe my anger-tears. Please listen to me. Don’t let the cool cover and intriguing title brainwash you into thinking this was an excellent read. Rise above it (or just do what I did and use it to fix that wobbly end table in your living room).