April Fools pranks from around the Web

April Fools came and passed once more with a number of websites and companies using this time to announce phony technology and health news. This seems to be a tradition as old as the Internet. This article is going to highlight just a few of the April Fools inspired jokes from around the Internet.

Google Racing

As part of the April Fools tradition, Google announced Google Racing, telling visitors of its new partnership with NASCAR. In a press release on its official blog, Google informed all those willing to believe that it and NASCAR were now working on an autonomous self driving race car based on Google autonomous vehicles. In the announcement they linked this video that shows an autonomous vehicle in racing paint with the number 10^100 making its way around the course showing off 3D mapping technology, which is supposed to help the vehicle sense other cars and enable it to race and pass them.

Were you fooled by Google? Image from Google.com.

The YouTube Collection

Have you ever wanted to experience YouTube without the hassle of the Internet? Well, YouTube’s April Fool’s Day prank may be right up your alley. The YouTube collection provides users with DVDs of all of YouTube’s content that they will ship to your home or the home of a friend or family member as a gift. This is one of the more whimsical April Fool’s Day pranks, one that is clearly not intended for its victims to take seriously. Check out the video below from YouTube announcing their collection to the world.

Google Chrome Multitask Mode

One of the sillier pranks that hit April 1 was Chrome Multitask mode. This supposed mode was designed to increase the productivity of Chrome users by allowing them to use multiple mice at once. The video that announced the new feature makes a point of security stating that to prevent clicking on something twice, Chrome Multitask mode will shut down a user’s computer when the mice get too close together, as a preventive measure so users don’t have to worry about buying products twice by accident. Watch the announcement video below for more information about Chrome Multitasking mode.

Think Geek Hoodies

Think Geek is an Internet retailer of all things nerdy offering its customers anything from bacon-scented candles to interactive rock guitar T-shirts. In past years, the online store has offered its users strange, amusing, and awesome goods — many of which, through customer pressure, have become real products. This year Think Geek announced two new video game-inspired hoodies as their April Fools Day prank. One of these hoodies gives its user the ability to use shouts based on the game Skyrim, using a built-in speaker system. The other hoodie using LEDs and an accelerometer allow its wearers to “cast” iconic spells from various video games. The video below shows the Technomancer hoodie in action.

These were just a few of the many April Fool’s Day pranks that hit the Web April 1, a tradition that will undoubtedly continue on into the future. Share your favorites from this year or past years in the comment section below.