“0x10c” the new game by the creator of “Minecraft”

The creator of the ever popular Minecraft, Notch, chose April Fools day to announce a new game. The game was titled Mars Effect and it promised to be a hardcore science-fiction game, allowing players to experience the joy and terror of flying through space and creating their own computer program.

Notch, the creator of "Minecraft." Image from PCgamer.com.

While the name of the game was a pun on the popular game franchise Mass Effect, the core concept of the game turned out to be true, as Notch later announced the game is to actually be titled 0x10c.

On the game’s new website, Notch explains the premise for what he is calling a hardcore science-fiction game based as closely as possible on hard science and realistic computer programming. The back story to the game takes place in a parallel universe, where the space race never ended. In this universe, space travel became common among corporations and rich individuals. Around this time, they developed a stasis pod that worked with the current era’s 16-bit computers.

Due to an error in the coding for the computer, those who launched from Earth ended up being in stasis until 281,474,976,712,644 AD. Characters will wake up to a universe near extinction.

One of the main points of this new game is that it will run a computer inside of a computer. The game will allow for those savvy enough to program their own 16-bit computer program, which will let them do more than the average player. This builds on how important player content and suggestions were to the development of Minecraft. It is clear that Notch is attempting to take advantage of what made his little 16-bit adventure mining game so great and help him create something new.

Game logo. Image from 0x10c.com.

The new game will offer single player and multiplayer game modes. The single player game mode will just require purchase of the game where multiplayer may require a monthly fee. This is due to current plans to emulate programmed computers off-site, so that even when players are not online, this would allow them to continue and complete tasks.

While not much is known about this game besides the basic information released by Notch, one thing is for certain: 0x10c will be a game experience unlike any other to date. It will be interesting to see if it will become as successful as Minecraft, which is one of the top-grossing indie games of all time, or if it will be a flop like many other innovative and creative new games.

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