New GlowLight Nook

E-ink displays allow those who read them to enjoy reading an ebook in various amounts of light. The issue with these e-ink displays is that they have no form of lighting, making them extremely difficult to read at night. Barnes and Noble plans on fixing that issue by releasing a new model that includes a front lit display.

This new Nook is called the Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight. This Nook is not the first e-reader that comes with lighting; Sony has released an e-reader of its own that comes with front screen lighting. Many customers and reviewers alike found issues with the lighting systems. The major complaint with this front lit Sony e-reader was the evenness of lighting, as some portions of the screen were significantly darker than others.

The new Nook Simple Touch With Glowlight. Photo from

The new Nook hopes to avoid these issues. The new GlowLight Nook is also front lit like the Sony e-reader, but it’s design allows for the screen to be evenly lit throughout. At the top of the screen there is an LED light concealed by the case. Along the edge of the case there are a series of prisms and lenses which allow for the light to be evenly transferred over the screen.

The light for the new e-reader is a gray color. This choice of color makes the e-reader easier on the eyes of its users. If it had been a blue or green, the color would clearly show up tainting the gray screen. The new Nook has a built in anti-glare film. In previous models of the Nook this was an extra feature customers could get, but for the new GlowLight Nook it is a standard feature.

To activate the light users have to hold down the button at the top of the nook for just a few seconds. On the side of the device there is a slide which allows users to control how bright the Nook can get. According to Barnes and Noble, the GlowLight only cuts down the battery life of the Nook to a month. Without the light running all the time the battery life fof the GlowLight version has the standard two month battery life of the non-GlowLight Nook.

The new Nook is not on the shelves yet, but it can be pre-orded. The Nook will be available for purchase sometime in early May. The price for the Nook GlowLight will be $139; this is comparable to the current ad-free Kindle Touch.

For those who are not Nook users and are fully tied into the Amazon Kindle market, there are rumors that the next Kindle would include a similar design. It is clear that lighting is the future for e-readers.