From our perspective: Remembering childhood

When one of the staff members brought a dinosaur sippy cup to our weekly meeting, no one could stop staring at it. Later in the meeting, another staff member announced that “Rugrats” and “Hey Arnold” are now available on Netflix, and everyone gasped.

A group of “Hey Arnold” characters from the show. Image from

Why is it that college kids love things from their childhood?

It’s because college kids look back on those years as the good years: the years of innocence, when everything in the world seemed happy and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Our biggest concern was if Topanga and Cory were going to end up together.

Now all that is on our minds is graduating, finding a job and not having to move back into our parents’ house. As we grew up and learned more about how the world truly is, we lost some of our innocence. We lost some of the reasons to be happy and gained more reasons to worry.

I guess this is true about any stage in life. As we grow older, things change. We change. We become more aware of how the world truly is, and how there are so many things “grown-ups” have to worry about. In every stage of life, people look back and say those years in which they didn’t have to worry were the best.

If the years which we call childhood were the good years, then why do people say that college is the best four years of your life? What we must remember is that it is great to reminisce every once in a while, but that it is also important to enjoy every moment of the life you are living now. If what they say is true, then we must have fun while we can. Enjoy college while you are here — because before you know it, you will be reminiscing about those late nights you sat in the library studying and the endless memories you made.

Soon enough, you will be one of those adults who say, “You don’t know how good you have it. Enjoy it now, because before you know it, it will be gone.”

So buy that dinosaur sippy cup from the Walmart dollar bin, and spend a relaxing day watching Rugrats reruns on Netflix. Enjoy the life you have by incorporating some of things from your childhood back into your life. After all, when most people think about their childhood they become happier — and who doesn’t want be happier on a daily basis? Enjoy life now, because before you know it it will be gone. Just like your childhood.