Spicing up Skyrim with mods

The Elder Scrolls has, over the years, developed a vibrant and growing community of modders, a community that the developers have embraced for the PC version of the games. Since the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, hundreds of mods have been pumped out by the community from the strange and whimsical to the impressive and useful. Here is just a glance at a few of these mods that can be found online.

Making games a bit more interesting. Image from Pcgamer.com.

Mods for Fun

These mods work to change the game mechanics in interesting and sometimes bazaar ways, not adding anything to the actual game content but allowing modders to show off how far they can push the game. Perhaps one of the more whimsical mods is exploding chickens. This mod is pretty self explanatory — Skyrim is just not exciting enough anymore so why not make every chicken in the game a waiting landmine. This mod makes chickens into explosive weapons that detonate when hit, sending the player, villager and just about anything else flying through the sky in a matter of seconds. The video, created by a YouTube user, demonstrates just how powerful explosive chickens can be.

Visual Mods

There are a lot of mods that fall into this category, as these mods do a number of things to the graphical aspects of the games. An example of some of these visual type mods is Skyrim HD. This mod changes the textures for the PC version of the game rendering them in something closer to true HD. For many this mod is a must have. Another mod that adds a distinct visual flair to the game is A Quality World Map – With Roads. This mod is for users that find the simple world map a little to simple and want something that is a better representation of the overall world of Skyrim providing roads for those making long treks. The video below shows a mod for more realistic water in actions.

Game Play Mods

These are mods that change or add content to the game to make it easier or harder for players. Mods that fall into this category are mods like the Leveler’s Tower; this mod changes game play to make it easier for players to create a home base to start out in. This home base comes equipped with things like an arena where players can train their skills, an armory where players can access any weapon in the game and a lot more. This mod effectively allows players a much quicker and easier play through. The video below shows a detailed look at another mod called Deadly Dragons.

Mods are a major part of The Elder Scrolls community – a part of it that is vibrant and alive even in with the latest edition to this game series. These modders push the envelope of what is possible and in many ways help to polish off an already good game. There is no telling what they may create in the future.