Radford University social media pages

In this day and age, almost everyone has a smart phone with the latest features. These typically include access to the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. The following is a list of pages and feeds every student should check out, “like” or “follow” to be an informed highlander.

Make sure to ‘Like’ all the Radford pages. Image from www.facebook.com.

Radford Highlander Festival – The 16th annual festival featuring various traditional Scottish games along with booths that showcase local artists, foods and Scottish clans. This year’s festival will be held on Oct. 13.

Radford University Highlanders – The Facebook official page for everything Radford sports. The cover photo for this page regularly features “This Week at RU,” an image that normally shows two athletes from two different sports and advertises the games for that week.

Radford University – This is the page posts pictures from major RU events. It also posts random facts in “Reasons to Love RU” and features pictures in “Scene on Campus.”

Student Activities at Radford University – Posting almost everyday, Student Activities at RU keeps students up to date on all that is going on in the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center. They post updates to reschedule if events that are held on the plaza get rained out.

McConnell Library at Radford University – McConnell Library at RU hosts an online contest every week and posts a picture of a place in the library. Students can guess where the picture was taken. They also posts pictures of the whiteboard moments.

R-SPaCE – The R-SPaCE, Radford Student Programing and Campus Events, Facebook page features pictures of events and videos of upcoming performers and guests.

Radford University Dining Services – Don’t want to walk all the way to Dalton just to see what’s on the menu? They often post pictures of the food so you can get an idea of what to put on your plate.

Radford University Campus Recreation – The Campus Recreation department is part of student activities. They host intramural and club sports, as well as outdoor activities. They feature pictures of recent events and congratulate the winners of the competitions they hold.

Radford University – Radford University’s twitter gives followers another way to access the “Reasons to Love RU” and “Scene on Campus.” Some of these reasons and pictures are different than the ones on the Facebook page, so be sure to check both.

Radford Highlanders – Radford Highlanders follows all of the RU sports and gives its followers score updates.

Radford SPaCE – They provide more updates from R-SPaCE on their events.

Radford Transit – Launched last year, Radford Transit tweets back with specific information such as the times that the different routes run.

RU Whim  – Follow us and get links to our stories!

These are just some of the social media RU has to offer. Go ahead and search; you may find more!