Gangnam style

I always love when Internet sensations take the physical world by storm. This week, K-pop artist Psy jumped from our computers and into our hearts (or at least our attention) with his now chart topping song “Gangnam Style.” Beating out Taylor Swift’s single “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and might I say it’s about time, Psy burst onto the scene rising to number one on iTunes.

The first Korean artist to do so, Psy has become an overnight sensation, appearing on the MTV music awards, NBC’s “The Today Show” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” Even “Saturday Night Live” has gotten in on the action featuring Psy in a skit last weekend.

His 181 million views on YouTube puts him in the solid category of one hit wonders, but I have a hunch that Psy might just be destined for greater things.

This could just as easily be wishful thinking, though Psy’s distinctively bright pop sound is unique enough to set itself apart, and that is how true greatness is born. I by no means mean to compare him to such giants as Queen, Micheal Jackson, Led Zeppelin or any other  serious artist, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hanging around in B-list purgatory for a little while.