Time wasters of the week

What’s more fun than doing schoolwork? The internet! Welcome to the first installment of Time Wasters, your weekly source of all things that will keep you from being productive. But you aren’t interested in my introduction, so without further ado, I present this weeks time wasters.

To start us off, an oldy but goody. I didn’t think that Twilight could get any more ridiculous, but the folks down at Bad Lip Reading have proved me wrong. Well done chaps.

Very few things in life are more satisfying than watching a hipster eat shit. Half the fun of this video is the sense of impending doom. Enjoy.


When I first saw this video I thought I had to be a joke, so I did what every citizen of the internet worth his salt does. I turned to our great overlord Google. It turns out that this is real, and consequently, the best dollar a month I have ever spent.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. This lady seems content merely to yell at it. Warning: this video contains NSFW language.


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