To watch or not to watch

During the week, students do not have much time to just relax and let loose. This being said, our time on the weekends is precious. Even though there are many different types of students ranging in age, personality, hobbies and agendas, there is one thing that we all have in common: most Radford University students love movies.

Outside of the Bonnie Auditorium.
Photo By Steve Furtado

Last year you only had to pay a mere 50 cents to view the film, but this year it is free as long as you have a student ID. This allows the students to be able to spend their money elsewhere.

The movies, which are sponsored by Radford Student Programming and Campus Events (R-SPaCE), being played this year are as follows:

Oct. 4 through the 8-“The Lion King” and “Toy Story”
Oct. 11 through the 15-“Brave”
Oct. 18 through the 22-“Ted”
Oct. 25 through the 29-“The Dark Knight Rises”
Nov. 1 through the 5-“The Campaign”
Nov. 8 through the 12-“Hope Springs”
Nov. 29 through Dec. 3-“Singing In The Rain” and “Phantom of the Opera”
Dec. 6 through the 10-“Breakfast Club” and “Casablanca”

Some students were asked what they thought about the Bonnie showing movies during the week and throughout the weekend. The answers that I received did not surprise me. Almost all of the students said that they love being able to walk to a building on campus and relax and watch movies with their friends. Liz Vermillion stated, “I love how they are showing older movies like ‘The Lion King’ this year.” The fact that this privilege is available to the students is one of the best resources on campus. Bringing food into the theater is also a very nice perk. Who doesn’t like a large tray of fries from Austin Grill or a yummy sandwich from Chick-Fil-A while watching a movie? Another plus to the equation is the price of the movies.