RU houses more than we think

Not many students know this, but there are tunnels underneath the Radford University campus. Back in the day, when Radford was an all-girls school, they were used by the students to get around campus without having to go outside. These tunnels have been closed for a long time now and no one is allowed to walk through them ever again.  However, even fewer students know about the legend that these tunnels hold so secret.

Students in 1920 gather in front of Tyler Hall for a photo. Photo from

According to the legend, there is one student who never left the tunnels.  Her name is Elizabeth, and for years her spirit has haunted the tunnels every Halloween night.  RU students have heard her voice crying in a frantic panic in search for her secret admirer. When she was alive, she was supposed to meet him in the tunnel so that they could go to the Halloween ball together, but her night ended differently than she thought.  Instead of ending in a kiss goodnight, it ended with her tragic death.  Elizabeth was part of a practical joke that five girls played on her.  The five girls told her to meet her admirer, which they made up, in the tunnel.  When she did, they locked her in the tunnel.  In a panic, she screamed while kicking and punching the door trying to get it open while the girls laughed on the other side, holding it shut.  She ran franticly trying to find a way out when she suddenly tripped and broke her neck, killing her instantly.  She remains in the tunnel, forever searching for her admirer .

Other ghost stories have been told as well.  There are stories of a dead body being buried under the Dedmon Center. This infamous story takes place in 1980 when an RU student was murdered and the body was supposedly buried under the building.  Unfortunately, the murder of the student is a true story.  This story happened to be legally significant in that it was the first murder conviction in Va with no confession, body or eyewitness. Legal documents about this case can be found here.

There are also ghosts around the campus. Students have reported seeing a ghost in the reference section of the McConnell Library, mysterious noises in the halls of Porterfield, a spirit of a girl haunting Moffett and many more.  No matter how many stories are passed from ear to ear, one thing is certain:  Radford Unversity has strange occurrences that no one can explain.  However, I will let you all decide if the legends are just a myth or if they are tales to be feared.