Highlanders Anonymous: Stuck in the friend zone

Q: I have liked this guy for some time now and I feel like I’m being put in the friend zone. What should I do?

Well, no one ever likes being forced into the friend zone, I myself always seem to find myself right in there and it sucks.

It seems as though your friend likes you enough to be your friend; however, that’s not where you want to be. You need to show him why you should be more than a friend.

What separates you from another girl? Not only can you be his friend, you can also be his lover. You need to make him aware of that. At this point, you need to face the situation.

If you can’t open up and tell him how you feel, then are you sure you really want him? I know rejection can be intimidating. I have no problem talking to guys, especially ones I like, but when it comes to closing the deal, I flake.

I’m telling you to ask your friend out for dinner or to a movie. And maybe go on and tell him how you feel. It is going to be scary. You’re probably going to be incredibly nervous, but at least you can say you tried.

The worst outcome is that he could say “no” or “I only like you as a friend.” Then you will have to deal with the possibility of awkwardness that could follow, but you can get over that. Remember, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward.

Nevertheless, remember this is college and this kind of situation is typical. There are plenty of guys swarming this nearly 10,000 student campus. I’m sure there is another boy that has caught your eye.

If things don’t work out with this friend, you should move on. Don’t sit and dwell on this one person; get out there and keep looking. Join a few clubs, as there are sure to be a few cuties there, and maybe try enlisting the help of your friends. They just might know the guy for you.

Just remember we’re still young and no one is trying to settle down just yet. Of all the future relationships you have yet to come, this is just a minor setback.