Rob O’Reilly: Good show, bad room

Comedian Rob O’Reilly was able to grace our campus and perform an hour of comedy. His act was very funny, but unfortunately went unappreciated due to the circumstances. Sadly, he was placed inside the Bonnie stage. It’s not the worst place for comedy, but it has to be done in a specific way. Because people are constantly going in and out of the Bonnie, there is a lot of background noise that is hard to overcome. Also, there are people that sit around the stage that are not there for comedy night. I’m referring to the girl who was on her laptop and her friends who were texting the whole time. No comedian can do well in that setting. Stand-up comedy truly only works in situations where people can actually pay attention. Who would guess? If the organizers really want the Bonnie to be the place to perform (which is understandable seeing how smaller names will get a smaller crowd) then set up performances after the Bonnie closes. Other than that, get a better venue for them.


Comedian Rob O’Reily. Photo from The Apiary.


His set was very funny, despite the poor conditions. He was able to bounce around to different subject matters and do well with each. He had some “dirty” and “edgy” jokes, and I use the quotes because different people have their own interpretations on what is dirty or offensive, but he also had some more lighthearted humor. At one point, he busted out thirteen puns about Native Americans in a succinct thought. He joked with the crowd, hitting on the girls in the front row. They seemed to enjoy his attempts. O’Reilly finished by giving out copies of his CDs to the winners of his homemade awards. The awards were things like “most likely to get laid that night”, “best boobs”, and “worst audience member”, appropriately going to the girl on the laptop. Even though he was hitting on the girls and had a “best boobs” award, it was by no means sexist in any way. If you are offended by reading that, just remember that no joke is funny when taken out of context.

After the show, O’Reilly stuck around to take pictures and talk to the audience. He handed out extra copies of his CD “Strip Solitaire”. He mentioned to me that he’s done other college shows and that venues such as this are not places for a good show. This was commented on during his set as well. He also said that an opener would have been nice to have but any fans of John Mulaney, Doug Benson, or Chris Fairbanks will more than likely enjoy Rob O’Reilly.

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