From our perspective: The best and worst classes at RU

We’ve all had those classes that are less than satisfactory. There are the classes where you have to drink a venti Starbucks coffee before attending (even though it’s in the middle of the afternoon), or the classes you spend texting and tweeting, counting the minutes until you’re dismissed. Last, but definitely not least, there are the classes you love and wish you could retake just for fun.

The Whim staff have come together to provide you with a list of some of our favorite classes to guide you through registration week.


We recommend Professor James Collier for everything related to advertising. He’s had so much real world experience that he’s an expert at answering students’ questions and designing a lesson plan. His classes are interactive and give students a feel of what the advertising world is really like. He has students complete a lot of big projects, but it’s worth it in the end because you walk away learning something from him.


For chemistry we recommend Libby Watts. She takes time out of her day to work with students after class, including to help with homework. She genuinely cares about her the success of her students, and although the class requires effort and attendance, she wants to see you succeed. She makes chemistry (an often daunting and tedious subject) entertaining, and loves what she does, which are just a few of the reasons why she is an incredible professor.

The great decision of picking out your class schedule. Image from


Basic News Writing (COMS 104) with either Dr. Stepno or Kovarik is a great introductory course for anyone who’s interested in journalism or media. The course helps to familiarize you with AP style (which most publications use) and good news writing techniques. It is not a particularly difficult course, but you get out what you put in.


We recommend Williams or Hollandsworth for Core 102. Most students love these classes and the professors are passionate about teaching.

Core with Dr. Jeff Saperstein is an interesting and helpful class. The professor is a kind man who has a passion for what he does. He truly wants to help his students to the best of his ability.


We recommend English 200: Literary texts and contexts. Terry Lovern’s class focuses on apocalyptic and horror fiction. Lovern is an easy professor who does a great job of getting and keeping students interested in the subject matter. Most of the homework was reading.

For English majors, we recommend taking English 300: Introduction to English studies with Dr. Frank Napolitano. He’s an incredibly down to earth professor who challenges his students but can also laugh with them.


Erik Sorensen is a great professor for Math 111 and 112. Usually math classes are either boring or confusing, but he does a great job of making sure the class is neither.


For marketing majors, we recommend Marketing 340 with Dr. Andrea Stanaland.


Dr. Johnny Moore of the history department may be a teacher to avoid. He could improve his teaching style by going over the material more thoroughly in class and better organizing the tests. He’s also been known to call up students who got F’s on the tests to the front of the class to embarrass them.

History 101 with Dr. Mark Munzinger is a great class. The professor knows the material, doesn’t assign homework and gives out study guides along with review sessions for the tests.


English 200 with Dr. Lou Gallo is a great class. The professor is exceptionally hilarious.

Political Science 120 with Dr. William Hrezo is fantastic as well. You watch and critique movies, and while the class is challenging, you will still learn a great deal.

History 112 with Dr. Richard Straw is also a great (and easy) history class to take for required credit. Similar to Political Science 120, you watch a lot of movies and talk about how the filmmakers used different techniques to convey a message about some historical event. Come to class and it’s an easy A.

Political Science:

We recommend Dr. Tanya Corbin for Political Science 120, but any class she teaches is great. She’s a very nice teacher who really wants her students to succeed.


Let’s face it, RU has an incredible sociology department. Out of all the students I talked to, not a single person complained about a professor in the sociology department. The following classes got rave reviews:

Sociology 110 with Dr. Elizabeth Lyman. The professor knows what she’s talking about and makes the class interesting.

Dr. Allison Wisecup is relatively new to RU but has become an instant favorite. Her classes are challenging, but as long as you participate, do your work and attend class you will get an A.

Another great resource to use is Rate My Professor. This site provides users with a list of all the professors at RU and ratings from real students on their overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and hotness. Aside from the humor of the chili pepper rating (often found to be false), this site is a great resource for students when signing up for classes.

It is, however, important to keep in mind the fact that your opinion will not always be the same as other students. It’s best to look at the consensus of how well the professor teaches, and not to be scared off by one or two students who didn’t like (and probably failed) the class.