Highlanders Anonymous: The joy of a single touch

Q:  I have always wondered if masturbation is wrong. I have never done it before because I am too scared to try; some of my girlfriends have and they tell me to try it, but I’m not sure. What should I do?

May not want to open that door just yet. Image from Creative Commons.

A:  Many people find it to be awkward and weird to touch themselves. Personally, I see no problem with exploring your body no matter what part it is. I partake in the touching of my body and several of my friends do as well, it is a stress reliever and you feel a lot better afterwards.

To answer your first question whether it is right or wrong to masturbate, that depends on what you believe. I am a Christian, yet I do not personally believe there is anything wrong with touching yourself. If it goes against your spiritual beliefs then you might want to consider asking your spiritual advisor for his or her opinion on the subject. If it goes against your parents, well, honestly they are not going to know. Or if you and your parents are close enough to talk about it you can ask for their opinions; they might just surprise you with their answers.

Medically, masturbation relieves stress, tension and, for some women, it can make your menstrual cycle go very smoothly.

If you experience fear, that is very normal; my first time almost scared me to death. That is something you can overcome with practice and patience. I would recommend getting on the internet and Googling information on male or female masturbation. You can find many different sites giving your information on this topic. Yes, that sounds weird, but it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the female/male anatomy. There may be parts you have never heard of or even knew existed down there and they can make a huge difference.

As for what you should do, try it and see if you like it. There is a possibility that masturbation is not for you; however, if you don’t know the way you like to be touched, don’t expect someone else to either. If you’re still on the fence and can’t decide then maybe you already have your decision. Don’t force yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable with it you will have a bad experience and will not enjoy it.