The effects of recycling

From one non-recycler to another, the documentary film Tapped, is sure to change your perspective on how not recycling affects the Earth. This movie examines recycling and how our health and world around us is affected by taking this action seriously. Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to recycle and that by recycling we can help our planet. Yet, every month there is enough aluminum thrown away to rebuild the entire commercial air fleet. This doesn’t include all of the other materials that aren’t recycled.

Education on what and how to recycle is abundant, yet there are still many people that  don’t follow through. If we were all as passionate about “Going Green” as we were about other things, like watching the Super Bowl or watching our favorite TV show, then we’d have a lot more control over this uprising issue.

If recycling became a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle, then it would become second nature to us. The mass amount of products that are taken to some landfills exhaust toxic gasses which are dangerous to our lungs. The most well-known effect by non-recycling is that we’re increasing green house gas emissions. This contributes to the warming of the Earth by restricting the amount of radiation that’s reflected back out of the atmosphere.

Do your part in the community and recycle. Graphic by Steve Furtado.

This documentary uncovers the ugly truth behind these big water bottle companies. It discusses how their products were labeled as the purest and most natural forms of water, but this was later found to be false. The video also discusses the harm that these bottles are doing to the ocean. When these bottles aren’t recycled they end up in the ocean and the toxins, which make up the bottles, are released into the atmosphere.

It’s our duty to take it upon ourselves and help this planet that we call home and keep it safe and have it generate in a healthy way for the future generations to come. By making menial adjustments to our lifestyles, we’ll help this planet be more sustainable. If recycling is too much for us to handle, there are other alternatives that can be done to help with this issue.

Studies have shown that recycling can cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels because they’re the main resource in producing plastic. Another way we can change is through the use of stainless steel bottles. This not only cuts down on plastic bottle production, but it also reduces the chemicals being released from the plastic bottle usage. Instead of going straight to the trashcan and bypassing the recycling bin, reconsider and think about the danger this planet is in from simply not recycling.

If you would like more information about recycling you can visit Zero Waste.

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