Weekly Time Wasters: The end of the world and twerking

Independent short films are one of the greatest perks of the Internet (besides porn of course). This one, while a little preachy at the end, is nevertheless very well done. Every time I see one of these, it convinces me that I need to learn how to do CGI, but then I go and look at pictures of cats on Reddit. Maybe one day.



It’s rare that I’m willing to watch any video for more than a few minutes, but this next one had me glued to the screen for the full 26. It’s a terrible tale of the bio-apocalypse and humanity’s struggle to survive with a very interesting look at the relationship of science and religion.  This is the best space opera I have ever seen.


I have a confession to make: Nicholas Cage is one of my favorite people ever. He is the founder of “Nouveau Shamanism,” an acting technique which he himself originated. That’s right, he believes he’s a Shaman.  If you need any more convincing that he’s a little bit out to lunch – might I direct your attention to the clip below.



I sometimes wonder what people will look back on in 30 years and see as our trademark dances and songs. We have a strange thing nowadays where, unlike the past, anything goes. Twerking is a subset of dance that amuses me and since I’m not a huge fan of rap and hip-hop, I decided to see if I could find some twerkers twerking a twerk to something a little different. The Internet delivered.



They say that for every happy relationship there are five on the brink of disaster. Actually, I said that. Call me a cynic, but it’s true. This man decided to confirm his wife’s accusation of his being “complete crazy” by giving a rather unpleasant Valentine’s present after finding out she had joined an online dating site.



Next up, some words of wisdom that warrant a moment of thought. I won’t spoil it by adding my own summary, but everyone should see this video at least once.