Health care: rallying against useless windbags

I don’t care if your dad works for a health insurance company, or your mom, or you. Whoever is working for those sons of bitches needs to take a knife and stick it right through their windpipe, or at least quit. The health care industry provides no service. It provides nothing except a rocky middle-ground for money to pass over and slip beneath the cracks as profit for assholes who have found a loophole in American commerce.

Here are some facts that you should know, health care accounts for one-sixth of our economy. The largest demographic without health care is us: 18-28 year olds who have recently been taken off their parents’ plan but have yet to get their own. We spend 50 percent more than any other country per capita on healthcare, but have absolutely nothing to show for it, because almost 40 million of your fellow Americans are uninsured.

The most recent health care bill that may or may not pass through congress aims to address a few awesome things:

  • Make it illegal for healthcare companies to not insure you for pre-existing conditions
  • Make it illegal for healthcare companies to drop you or water down your coverage when you get sick
  • It won’t change your coverage if you are comfortable with it


  • There is no public option, that is to say no government-issued health care
  • You have to buy health care if you’re uninsured, and if you can’t afford it, the government will buy it for you from one of the providers
  • That means a LOT more money for private health care providers, paid for by the people who are forced to purchase it and the government that will pay for those who can’t afford it.

If you’re not an ignorant crack-shooter, you know that the U.S. is the last industrialized nation without nationalized health care and medicine. Why? WHY!!!

It is because health care companies have prominent fucking lobbyists, who control Congress. Excuse me for sounding like a conspiracy-theory hippy douche bag, but I’m right. The latest bill is a delicious, blonde blowjob for those lobbyists. It guarantees almost 40 million more customers for various healthcare providers, when it should be wiping them out altogether, or at the very least providing a free option for those who can’t afford co-payments and deductibles.

Yes, I said it. Put one-sixth of the economy out of work. Because those assholes don’t provide any service in society other than taking my money, keeping 1 out of every 3 dollars for profit, and giving the rest to my doctor. Make them do something useful, like work for GE.

Some quasi-retarded people think that the free market system is the only thing that’s important in our culture, that the ‘invisible hand’ of the market will make everything work out. Those people are naive. For one, we’ve never had a laissez-faire (let alone) market. We’ve always had a controlled market, and government has always competed with free-enterprise companies without wiping them out. That’s what a public option (my view of the bare minimum) poses to do, provide an OPTION to go alongside ridiculously priced options set by the cheating private insurance companies.

Look at the postal services. Our national postal service has been supplemented by FedEx and UPS and none of the three have gone out of business. Look at our education system. Yale, (a private university) along with hundreds of private universities, coincides with NYU, Radford, Penn State, UCLA, and hundreds of other government funded universities without showing signs of tarnished business.

Words like ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ and ‘Marxist’ get thrown around a hell of a lot. Idiots think that paying a tax so others can get the same care as the rest of us is un-American. What about social security? What about Medicare and Medicaid? Are those not socialist ideals? The truth is that we’re already a socialist nation and we should be fucking fantistically proud of it. We care for our elderly and aid our less fortunate. Now it’s time we pay a bunch more and receive the same care for everyone. Take the money you’re giving to the inflated health industry, give it to the government, and let it filter throughout everyone else’s tax to insure every American’s health. That’s one thing that they should be doing for us right now, helping with our illnesses.

To get more information listen to Obama’s health care speech.