How to be a single lady on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate: one way to a woman’s heart. Photo from Creative Commons.

We’ve all been single on Valentine’s Day at one point, and it can be depressing if you don’t celebrate it the right way. Here are some tips for making a usually gloomy holiday into one you can enjoy and remember.

DO: Enjoy a movie with your other single friends.

DO NOT: Enjoy a romantic comedy with your friends.

Does anyone really enjoy watching a movie about the one thing they don’t want to think about on Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single by choice or single by circumstance, you don’t need to be watching someone else’s love story. (Plus, it’s my personal opinion that romantic comedies are best saved for bland date nights). Instead, choose an action movie if that’s your style – take it from someone who knows, it’s more cathartic to watch someone get shot than it is to watch someone fall in love.

DO: Look forward to the Valentine’s Day chocolate that will be on-sale right after Valentine’s Day.

DO NOT: Buy it before Valentine’s Day is over.

I know you may be tempted to stockpile chocolate the day before Valentine’s Day, but it’s better to wait until the day after to buy it. Why? It’ll be $10 cheaper, you won’t have to fight off the dozen or so guys who forgot to buy their girlfriends Valentine’s Day presents, and you won’t have to work off all the extra calories from eating ten packs of Hershey’s Kisses in one day.

Ahem. Not that I have any experience in this whatsoever but moderation is key, kids. Eat SOME chocolate, but don’t go overboard.

DO: Buy five or six candles and light them decoratively around your place (assuming you live in an apartment – if you live in a dorm, you should probably save the candles for another day).

DO NOT: Buy 25 candles and light them, only to forget about them in a chocolate-induced stupor.

I don’t know about you, but I love candles. I love the way they smell (especially the cherry ones) and I love the way they look when the lights are off. Spending Valentine’s Day alone sucks even if you’re single by choice, so spend the time doing something relaxing and indulgent.

However, don’t go all Rom-Com Cliche and buy 25 candles. That’s an expensive fire hazard.

DO: Go out, if you have somewhere to go.

DO NOT: Get drunk.

I know this goes without saying, but getting drunk on Valentine’s Day is a bad idea. Going out and having fun might be worth it, but if you do, make sure not to drink too much. The hangover the morning after is not going to be very much fun, trust me. (Disclaimer: you should also not drink unless you’re over the age of 21 and living outside the dorms).

These tips don’t work for everyone, but they might work for you. What’s most important is that you celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way you choose, and that you enjoy the day.