Pocket projectors: the future

While everything has been shrinking in size, digital projectors for the most part have remained about the same. Those giant, clunky cubes are hardly something you could call portable. Several companies have been working towards fixing this issue. They’re trying to shrink those massive but useful devices down to a much smaller and more manageable size. Technology has finally reached the point where such a feat is in fact capable.

It is now a brave, new world for projectors as several companies have come out with pocket projectors a.k.a pico projectors. Ever wanted to watch a movie on your mp3 player on something besides that tiny screen, without losing its portability? Well now you can. Just imagine the fun that could be had on camping trips or any other vacation when there is no need for a source of power for a television. You can just hook up your battery-powered pocket projector to the portal device of your choice and have an instant movie theater. Some of these projectors also have the ability to hook up with dvd players and most console gaming devices. One is not limited to mp3 players alone.

The two leading companies in this new emerging field are Microvision and 3M. As with any new field, competitors are quickly rising to fill in the void of this new market, hoping to make some money on this budding niche. As a result, it will be only a matter of time before this technology continues to adapt and grow. It will not be long before pico projectors become common place items in everyday life, much like how the mp3 player was rapidly accepted into common use.

Admittedly, these projectors have their limitations. Some of these pocket projectors produce too dim of an image to be used in lit rooms. However, this is not really much of an issue since most of the time these products would be used in the dark. The images produced by these projectors are not the most sharp, but for their size they pack a big punch. For the ones that run purely off battery power, the battery life is relatively short but long enough to go through most movies. Another common complaint with these devices is the low sound quality, but some products avoid the issue by having a jack for plugging speakers or headphones in.

These devices could very well become a hot item for the Christmas season. They are pretty much an ideal gift for those who love to have the latest little gadget to show off. The price range starts as low as $170 and works its way up to $550. It may not be the cheapest item but it would be among the cheaper of the big ticket items for sale this Christmas. Whether they do well or not this Christmas, pocket projectors are certainly something to keep and eye on in the future as technology develops and they are certain to get only better.

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