How to jazz up your resumé

Whether you’re an up and coming freshman or a senior planning for graduation, it’s never too early to be thinking about your resumé and more importantly, how you can get the most out of your time at Radford University.

A great way to add some flair to your resumé is with internships. Not only do internships look impressive on paper, they also provide you with much needed experience in your respective field.  Career Services, located on the second floor of Walker Hall, is an excellent place to start scoping out possible internships. They are fully committed to helping you achieve your career-related dreams and assisting you as much as possible.

Add a little music to your resume. Graphic by Caitlin Lewis.
Add a little music to your resume. Graphic by Caitlin Lewis.

Another way to give your resumé substance is through university involvement. Groups, associations and clubs related to your degree are a fantastic way to show off your commitment and dedication to your career choice. Better yet, if you can acquire a leadership or management position within your association it can be another useful tool in adding some spice to your resumé. Leadership and management positions within groups and associations show employers you are ambitious and strong-willed and they also give you potential experience for employer interview questions. For example, “Can you recall a time you had to excel in a leadership role or had to work in a group on a team project?”

Any kind of participation, whether sports involvement or hobby clubs, shows your involvement within your university.

Any awards or achievements you’ve received or accomplished are useful when constructing your resumé. Do you have a really high GPA? Have you received any awards for your academic achievements? Have you had one of your articles published through Whim? Do associations or clubs you’re involved with compete locally, regionally or nationally? If so, how well did they do?

It’s also important to be thinking about future courses you will be enrolling in as you attend RU. Will these courses help add persuasive leverage to your resumé? You can list the courses you have taken that you think would be most appealing to an employer under a “relevant courses” section on your resumé. If you’re pursuing a minor or concentration, add that as well.

Most importantly, don’t forget that RU can help with constructing and writing your resumé. Career Services will assist you any way they can to help you create a resumé that will be sure to represent the best in you and grab the attention of potential employers.