The beginning of the end of “Community”

I want everyone to sit back, look around and remember where they are because we may be living in the last few months of one of the greatest cult shows of all time.

“Community” returned on Feb. 7 much to the joy of its small fan base, and the producers and show runners are making one last attempt to find an audience for their weirdtastic show.

Photo from Creative Commons.

Created by Dan Harmon in 2009, “Community” has been a show that just can’t seem to find viewers. Through poor advertising and strange turns the show has made, it just can’t seem to get a hold of a mainstream audience. Now in its fourth season, the show was delayed twice this year and at one point was scheduled to come on Fridays, which for those who don’t know is the television graveyard. Now with NBC’s “Up All Night” being in hiatus and “30 Rock” ending its 7 year run on the network, “Community” was able to return to its regular Thursday 8 p.m. time slot, bringing some regularity to a show that has none this season.

At the end of last season, the show seemed to be in ultimate peril with the best case scenario being that the show would continue, but creator Dan Harmon would be fired and the show would move to Fridays. NBC tried unsuccessfully to replace “Community,” but now the show is back on Thursdays sans its creator.

Just because Dan Harmon is gone doesn’t mean the show hasn’t continued its hilarious turn into insanity. Fans of the show will remember there once was a time in which the show was actually about a community college and was centered around a study group. Now we are watching a show that is complete chaos, but it’s the best kind of chaos.

The season premiere started off with a competition called “The Hunger Deans,” where students compete for a chance to be in a class called the History of Ice Cream.

It may be the most original sitcom of all time. You can watch any other sitcom on TV, past or present, and find another show that it reminds you of. You can’t do this with “Community,” and in the end that may be the downfall of this great show.

When it comes to television, we live in a country that loves the same old same old. The top-rated comedies on TV today are shows that are still rehashing comedy clichés from the past including cheap easy jokes and making sure we find them funny by following them up with a laugh track.

Fans of the show would like to think that maybe “Community” is just ahead of its time, but we need to stop letting great shows like this go unnoticed. Five years from now, “Community” will become the new “Arrested Development,” a show that only three creepy guys watched outside a TV store window and now it’s a show that everyone has seen and loves.

If there’s any hope of “Community” getting another season, then the ratings have to be fantastic. So if you aren’t watching this amazing show then please do, and not on the Internet because NBC still thinks it’s the 90s and they don’t count Internet views.

Let’s give this show and fantastic cast and crew the run they deserve.

Six seasons and a movie!