Weekly Time Wasters: Time travel and manliness


Running out of things to help you procrastinate? Here are some more time wasters to get you through the week:

Wal-Mart is the watering hole of the college apartment dweller. This is due to the fact that they have anything you could possibly need. The downside (and sometimes it turns out upside) of this is that I never know which Wal-Mart, or Great Value brand foods, are good and which are going to make we wish I could get my money back. Well, Good Mythical Morning has a solution to this problem.


I love it when celebrities get to the point where they realize that they can mess around and do dumb stuff because they’re famous enough that no one will care. I call this the “Bill Murray Effect,” and it seems Miley Cyrus has reached that point. Here she is doing the Wop in horse footie pajamas, filmed with an old timey camera effect. I watched this too many times.


Now it’s time for a short film about time travel. If you have followed this column for any length of time, you know that I love short films, so here’s another one. You thought I was gonna say something clever didn’t you. No? Oh, well here’s the clip.

This is a very well-done intro. I’m really not surprised since it’s from Marvel, a.k.a the best comic company ever. That’s right; suck it DC. Anyway, I thought this one was clever.

I like to call this one “The reason why you should grow a mustache.” This man is fueled by the power of his stash to defeat all opponents for the good old US of A.

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the end of YouTube. That’s right. The contest is ending and the votes are being tallied. May the odds be ever in your favor.

There’s one of these guys in every group. If your friend group doesn’t have one, it’s you.

This one’s for all you grammar Nazis out there. Not only is this guy a fantastic rapper, but he raps on an issue near and dear to my editorial heart.