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Magician Ryan Waide comes on the show to talk about his magic prowess. Now although he wouldn’t call himself a professional magician, Waide has performed for many benefits (getting paid I might add) and has a wonderful extension of knowledge about his craft. A very funny interview that you should give a listen.

Waide tells us a few stories about how tricks have gone wrong and also informs us the joys of shutting up a heckler with his spectacular tricks.

He performs his tricks anywhere and everywhere. Bookstores, cafeterias, even at his old job as a waiter. And yes, he did picks up girls and get better tips because of his impressive magic. Waide’s non-magic advice, “tip your servers.”

If you’re an aspiring magician or just want to hear an awesome talk on the subject, then this podcast is absolutely for you. He gives insightful advice on how to start and how to perform, the dos and do nots, oh, and he talks about how he can do all of his tricks while drunk. Is there a better job in the world?

He continues to tell us about his influences for his craft as well as the people he’d rather not be. We’re looking at you, Criss Angel. Go mind freak somewhere else. Waide’s philosophy of magic boils down to this: the simplest illusion is often the most impressive. It doesn’t confuse the audience because of how easy it is to follow and magic always seems more, dare I say, magical, when it’s done quickly.

There is some minor talk about how some tricks are performed and the technique behind them but nothing that is too much a spoiler for those of you who truly want to believe in magic.

As always, if you want to be interviewed on the show send an email to whimradcentric@gmail.com.

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