Weekly Time Wasters: Djesus and Batman

Welcome back to another wasteful edition of the Weekly Time Wasters. I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day; I know I did. Now we just have to wait out the cold until spring break. Seeing as that’s kind of a long wait, check out this week’s batch of videos to kill some time.

Have you heard about the new Jesus movie that’s coming out? Yeah, apparently Quentin Tarantino is taking it on as his next historical revenge flick. It’s supposed to be fantastic. Christoph Waltz is even in it! You have 3 days Judas; I’d start running now.



Oh, how I love this fad. To anyone who says that the Harlem Shake isn’t the best thing ever, I respect your opinion, but you’re wrong. This is not the place to look for subtext and deeper meaning, this is not a dance of kings or class, it is a internet fad with no meaning besides “wouldn’t it be fun to spaz out to dubstep?”. And there is where it’s genius lies.



“Pulp Fiction” is one of my all time favorite movies, but I always wondered what happened to Jules after he gave up the gangster life. A badass of that magnitude couldn’t really become a cashier or a plumber (The john motherf***er! Did you clog it?!), he needs a job where he can yell well and often. Well, after some extensive research and not just a few bribes, I found the answer – hockey coach.


The beautiful thing about comic book heroes is that they can be re-imagined by anyone and still hold true to the spirit of the comic. The character can represent such a wide range of archetypes that it’s making up new stories for them is a virtual playground for a writer. Take this Chinese animated “Batman” for instance. Same bat, same cat, but now super stylized.



I’m convinced that if you put your mind to it, even a banjo could be in a metal band. It’s one of the wonders of music how it can meld and transform itself. One of the instruments I personally believe to be very underrated is the harmonica. It has a very particular sound that is hard to mesh with other genres, So I was very excited when I found this next video. Ever head of dubstep harmonica?


This video has been plastered everywhere, so I figured I should include it here for those of you with lives could see it. I’m not a huge fan of X games-ish sport, but a good stunt man is always fun to watch. Although it has the unfortunate side effect of the realization that you will never be as cool they are. ladies and gents, I present to you the first ever back-flip in a Mini Cooper.