A bitter slice of college life

Has anyone ever wondered why putting yourself tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a piece a paper makes an employer more likely to hire you?

There are ups and downs to going to RU as there are at any school. Photo from Creative Commons.

Every day I have to invest a majority of my energy into something that is only meaningful to me because it will hopefully mean something to someone else. Every day I will end up spending around ten dollars or more, depending on what the gas prices are for the week, to drive to and from Radford University and Roanoke because I’m a commuter student.

When I finally get to RU I will inevitably end up spending 15-25 minutes trying to find a parking space, which is the equivalent of trying to find a needle in a hay stack. If I get lucky I’ll find a space in the COBE parking lot and won’t have to walk very far to get to class. If I’m not lucky I’ll have to park at the opposite end of the school and hike half a mile or so uphill to get to class.

When I get to class I’ll have to focus all my energy into something I’d rather be focusing into classes such as creative writing or philosophy. If it was a perfect world with a perfect economy I would have much rather chosen creative writing, nutrition or philosophy as my major. But the world isn’t perfect and neither is the economy, so I’ll continue to work on skills that will hopefully allow me to support myself and others.

I’ve survived the hardships of accounting and finance classes and continue to endure the problems these group projects have created for me. I don’t know why our teachers seem so gung-ho about making their students work together in groups, but it creates a hassle for the commuter students. Not everyone can conveniently meet up at the same time on any given day because we don’t all live on campus, yet our professors expect it to just happen.

I’ll have to somehow figure out how I’m going to study for all my tests because of course they will all be scheduled on the same week, which seems to happen every semester.

I’m sure everyone reading this can relate to my ranting. All we can do is let out a heavy sigh, continue to dig deeper into the semester and hope we can hang on until spring break.