How to get involved at RU

Many people don’t realize the various types of clubs and organizations Radford University has to offer.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, then you should consider the RU Outdoors club which plans and organizes trips virtually every weekend, ranging from hiking, camping and even sky diving.

If you like dancing you should try out RU’s Zumba class. It’s a great way to relax, let loose and unwind while getting a good workout.

Perhaps you want to find an organization that pertains to your major. Asking your professors and faculty is a great way to get connected with the different clubs related to your degree.

Sporting events are great ways to get involved. Photo from Creative Commons.

So what are other ways to find out about the different groups and activities happening on campus?

1) Ask your friends.

Don’t hesitate to ask your classmates about the different events they’re attending or the organizations they’re a part of. Oftentimes through networking with friends and colleagues you can maneuver yourself into executive positions within these organizations.

2) Check your RU resources

Check everything! More than likely your email inbox is filled with messages about different events and clubs just starting or looking for new members. You can visit RU’s student activities webpage for an up-to- date list of current events happening on campus as well contact information in case you have questions about a particular organization or club.

3) Posters!

Pay attention to various posters and signs that are on display throughout campus. When you leave the gym after a workout, look to see the different posters and signs hanging up on the wall near the vending machines. Next time you’re in Heth Hall pay attention to the board near the staircase. There are many different advertisements on display all over campus.

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events and club meetings and start getting involved!