Another good comedian, another bad room

Comedian Ronnie Jordan came to perform on Feb. 19. He was able to please the majority of the crowd as he started the show by opening with a little jig and enjoyable observational humor, as well as self-deprecating humor aimed at his weight. As the show went on though he lost some momentum.

If only he got to perform in Preston. Image from Creative Commons.

This is no fault of his own because, yet again, he was placed on the Bonnie (Hurlburt Student Center) stage. As I stated in my previous article on Rob O’Reilly, comedy just doesn’t work well in forced settings like that. It’s too noisy of an area and it’s very difficult for people to pay attention when they are more focused on their food.

Jordan lost some of the crowd when he entered his material about pooping. The jokes were by no means bad or unfunny, but it’s not what the audience wants to hear when they are chomping down some Chick fil-A. Again, this is the result of putting comedy in a cafeteria. A table of guys did walk out during his set. Again, this could have just been the fact that they weren’t expecting a comedy show to appear in front of their eating space, but they were also talking and checking their phones the entire time.

Jordan later told some stories about his nephew, which won the crowd back for the most part. When things started to falter, he relied on his crowd work, interacting with them and drawing them into the show, which was very strong. The audience also greatly enjoyed this part. Like O’Reilly, Jordan understood the bad conditions he was given. Eventually he too started making comments about how only a few people were listening. Luckily he was able to keep his energy up while pointing out the flaws in the setup he was given.

Fans of Lavell Crawford, with the observational side of Jon Reep, would enjoy Ronnie Jordan thoroughly. Hopefully one day he will be able to come back and be given a room that’s more suited for stand up.

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