Highlanders Anonymous is back!

Have any questions you’re embarrassed about or make you feel uncomfortable when you ask aloud? Are you having relationship problems? Do you have any pent up sexual anxiety that you want to get off your chest but are too shy to voice aloud?

What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.
What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.

You’re in luck. The Whim staff is pleased to announce Highlanders Anonymous is back and will begin this week, under the Life section.

Highlanders Anonymous is a place where Radford University students can turn with all of their unanswered questions.

Each week, a selected staff member will answer questions and reflect on submitted comments. We are here to assist you, so feel free to say whatever is on your mind. Regardless of the reason, feel free to ask us anything you like! Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a serious well-thought-out response, someone from the Whim staff will do everything they can to give you an appropriate answer. We will provide the utmost professionalism with our advice in whatever topics we have to address.

If you’re worried about your secret questions coming out, don’t! We promise anything you submit to us will be kept anonymous. All submissions will be completely confidential and discretion is our top priority. We will never discuss any of the questions we receive outside the advice column nor will we discuss anything about the people who may have asked them.

Questions can be submitted via Formspring in the box below.