Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

When the former president of the American Marketing Association resigned, the organization desperately needed someone to step up to the plate. That’s when RU junior Geena McDaniel decided this was a perfect opportunity for her to take control as the new president of the organization.

“I knew someone had to step up. Someone had to step up and take on the position while really motivating everyone else and dedicating time to it. I knew I could do that and I was willing to take on that challenge,” she said.

Photo from Creative Commons.

AMA previously struggled with establishing itself at RU and getting its projects off the ground. “It was hard to go from something that was falling apart and structuring it, to change the image of our organization to be seen in a positive light,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel and the members of AMA have been working hard this semester to spread the word and recruit new members. “We’ve been doing flyers and giving before-class presentations trying to get the word out by talking to classes in COBE,” she said. “We’re going to be putting on a raffle with gift cards as a prize from local companies. We’re doing a careers in marketing event, we’re going to have a representative from Nike, Coca-Cola, IBM, BB&T, and they’ll be coming in to speak to us personally.”

The gift cards will be from Radford Theatre on main street, local Applebee’s and possibly from Olive Garden and Sharkey’s restaurants.

McDaniel also gave insight into a community development project AMA is working on with the Pulaski County Humane Society. “We are partnering up with a group from the Pulaski County Humane Society to raise awareness for their organization and about animal cruelty,” she said.

McDaniel attributes her success as the organization’s president so far to her adept communication skills and her extreme drive and motivation.

AMA has a Facebook page and is currently looking for new members. The organization holds meetings every Tuesday at 5 p.m in the student organization room of COBE. If you’re interested, contact Geena McDaniel or attend a meeting to find out more. You don’t have to be a marketing major to join.